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    Default Interested in decanting, need advice!

    Is there a website with information on how to decant fragrances? I've run several Google searches but all I get are listings for eBay auctions. I have a pretty extensive perfume collection and I'm interested in possibly offering some of them for others to sample.

    What materials are needed for this undertaking? For those of you who already decant, do you actually only spritz the liquids into a vial or is there a method to unfasten the stopper from a bottle and exract a perfume using an eye dropper? And how would I go about setting prices? If any of you can shed some enlightenment I would be greatly grateful forever. E-mail and IM are okay.

    Thanks you advance,

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    Default Re: Interested in decanting, need advice!

    Hey, Eau-K

    I have some ideas for you. What you'd want to do is decide the size that you want to decant into. There the usual are: sample vial (2ml), 1/6oz (5ml), 1/3oz (10ml), 1/2oz (15ml), 1oz (30ml).

    You can get those in either roll-ons, atomizers, and splash bottles. You can usually choose between plastic and glass decants. Most people prefer glass atomizers (as far as I know).

    Usually, you would spray the juice into the decants. There will be some spillage though so, with tops that come off, it might be easier to aquire an eye dropper. It'll make the sampling selling easier too as they are just tiny vials.

    Prices are set by others prices and by what you paid. Usually you take a little off the top for it being used already. After that you can devide it evenly into the appropriate amount for each decant based on the size of the bottle and the number of decants you made with it. I always have trouble with this and I would look at others to find a fair price to set mine at.

    That is my advice.

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    Default Re: Interested in decanting, need advice!

    Is there a Brick and Mortar that sells cheap glass atomizers? Like, if I just wanted to buy a couple. Nothing fancy like the one's at Sephora, but just something cheap that does the job.

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    Default Re: Interested in decanting, need advice!


    There are lots of sellers on eBay who sell atomizers and small vials. Many of these sellers are board members here on Basenotes, too. You should be able to buy things like that in lots, all the way from lots of five pcs. up to lots of a couple of hundred pcs. (Naturally, the price gets cheaper the more you buy.)

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    Default Re: Interested in decanting, need advice!

    Here's a long thread on the subject of decanting.
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    Default Re: Interested in decanting, need advice!

    um don't get vials for decanting on ebay they are so expensive

    get e.d. luce oz frosted atomizers that go for about 80 cents each even in small quantities.

    at that price it's well worth it to make smaller decants in the 1/3 oz size

    also ed luce as they are often called are probably among the least awful looking decant vials in their basic shape...

    easy to find via google

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