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    Default my quick reviews: Gendarme20, Body Kouros, Himalaya, Floris Santal, Tea for Two

    Here's just a few quick reviews after trying these out:

    Gendarme 20: there is no doubt that the lavender at the opening of this fragrance is amazing; it blends so well and smells fantastic. However, I get the impression of laundry and sunscreen from this one. As it drys down, it has that pleasant fresh laundry smell, and lasts forever on me.

    Body Kouros: yes, this one is dirty. The eucaliptis top note is quite strong, and then BK moves more towards a powdery feel. Much different than Kouros, but I can still smell why they would keep the Kouros name on it. Interesting frag, probly quite versatile. I'll have to give it a few more tries.

    Himalaya: this one I really like. As a fan of other Creeds like MI and GIT, I find this one takes it to the next level. Smells a lot like mountains, which I think they were trying to achieve, plus the wonderful Creed house note. I find Im quite a Creed fan, although I am not into the way they market at all.

    Floris Santal: A smoother version of Gucci Envy in my opinion. Im having trouble deciding which of the two I like more, but to me so far it seems that Envy has a bit more presence

    Tea for Two: this one was a surprise to me. I get the smell of Barley tea that I drank while in Japan, surrounded by smoke. There's a sweetness to it as well. This lives up to its hype on BN in my opinion. A very interesting frag, I can see how it would be a great romantic one as well. Thumbs up from me, but not sure how much I'll wear it

    Thats all for now

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    Default Re: my quick reviews: Gendarme20, Body Kouros, Himalaya, Floris Santal, Tea for Two

    Tea for Two is one of my favorites too. I wear it .

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    Default Re: my quick reviews: Gendarme20, Body Kouros, Himalaya, Floris Santal, Tea for Two

    well, Tea for two is a nice fragrance but It's almost unwearable here...

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