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    Default How long is long?

    I applied fragrance (D&G pH) that was reviewed well for longevity at around 1 today, and by 5 all that was left was the citrus, and I had to hold my wrist up to my nose to smell them. However when I wore L'Eau d'Issey pH at my cousin's wedding, I applied it at 10am, and it was still going strong when I left at 8. What's the "norm" for longevity?

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    It all depends on skin chemistry! Also, your nose can get tired. I used to have trouble with Gucci Envy, where I didn't think the longevity was that great. When I trained my nose more, I saw that it was still present after many hours. However, I tend to like fragrances with obscenely long longevity, so my 'doesn't last that long comparison' had that factored in.
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    Also, as a reference, my long lasting fragrances often last into the next day! Usually airy, citrus scents seem to not last as long as heavy oriental fragrances. Also, it is said around the forums that D&G Ph lasts a long time, but as I said in the previous post, it all depends on your skin chemistry. Envy is supposed to have a lot of longevity as well, but I find that it is weaker among my other (most heavy) fragrances.

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