The other day I received a package from luckyscent containing my two new CdG bottles as well as several samples. I asked for-and received- samples of Anvers, Lonestar Memories, and Route de Vetiver.

I also received two more MPG samples, but they are not labelled. They are 'official' MPG tester vials (gold embossed and fancy like the L'Artisan vials). The only information on them is the MPG logo, the volume, the percentage of what I'm assuming is alcohol, and the word Paris, which I assume to be their HQ.

I thought, "well, gee, maybe they DO have a perfume called Paris," but the two samples smell very different from each other. I wore them both last night to 'reverse engineer' their notes, but they only lasted ~30 minutes, tops. I was amazed; that would be a new record for shortest longevity.

Sample 1: smells a great deal like Halston Z-14 infused with extra lemon, petitgrain, possibly verbena. Rather harsh to the nose, overly-sweet and cloying. Seriously, it smells like Z-14.

Sample 2: Right out of the vial, it smells like sunblock. Unscented, pure chemical sunblock. I suppose that might be vetiver or something (i used to think that Gendarme smelled like sunblock, too). But I'm serious: this stuff smelled like the sunscreen I wear in the desert. I can't pick up any other notes because it fades to nothing almost as quickly as it dries. Maybe there's some sandalwood in the base.

I wish I could offer better descriptions of these. Any suggestions would be most helpful. Also, I would hazard to guess that these samples represent two of luckyscent's offerings, shown here:

Thanks for the help-