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    Default Help me find an Aramis...

    A few weeks ago, here in the UK, my girlfriend was doing a promotional job, and she said one of the guys she was working with smelt unbelievably gorgeous! She said she couldn't stop smelling him all day and pestered him to tell her what it was...he didn't want to because he said he doesn't want everyone to start wearing it...anyway, eventually he told her it was by Aramis, but wouldn't say the name, and that it is only available in very exclusive UK stores Harrods and Harvey Nicholls in London...

    Now I am on a quest to find it. Unfortunately I can't get to London for a while, so can't go and test them all...and anyway, harvey nicholls has recently stopped stocking Aramis altogether! I know my girlfriend hates the original Aramis, and dislikes Tuscany and Life. And this guy, being the young chap he was, was most probably wearing a recent one.

    I reckon it is probably one of these 4:
    Bermuda Tonic
    Surface Skin Tonic (though since this one has been gone a while, probably not)

    Can anyone offer a suggestion as to which of these it might be? Or any others? I wanna find it so bad!!!
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    Default Re: Help me find an Aramis...


    Old stock turns up now and again. A couple of smaller shops up here,Manchester,had it not long back. Maybe Harrods & H/N have gone all retro?

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    Default Re: Help me find an Aramis...

    Always possible it is JHL
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    Default Re: Help me find an Aramis...

    If it was a "young" scent there is a big chance it was

    Aramis Always Him

    Just bougt it myself and it is GREAT!


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    Default Re: Help me find an Aramis...

    Cool, will definitely go and try Always, think they sell that somewhere near it true it's similar to Bermuda Tonic?

    Thanks guys, keep the suggestions coming in!

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    Default Re: Help me find an Aramis...

    Although he is a "young chap", I wouldn't rule out the possibility that he was wearing Havana or JHL.

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    Default Re: Help me find an Aramis...

    New West?

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    Default Re: Help me find an Aramis...

    Thanks for all that guys - I have discovered it was in fact Always - I sampled it and my gf gave me positive ID. Have to say that although it's very nice, didn't quite live up to my expectations after what she said - maybe it just smelt incredible on 'that guy'!

    Cheers for all your help!

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