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    Default Jovoy and Corday Parfums

    Frech of origin, I am putting them together because both brands were created by Blanche Arvoy: Jovoy in 1923 and Corday in 1924.

    Jovoy Parfums

    “Blanchete” year: 1920 created by Blache before the official launch of her Jovoy line (later to be sold under Corday Parfums also)
    “Allez Hop” year: ? -after 1923-
    “Allez Coco” year: ? -after 1923-
    “Gardez-Moi” year: ? -after 1923
    “Severem” year: ? -after 1923-

    Corday Parfums

    “Blanchette” from 1924 (the original version was sold by Jovoy until 1924, then it passed onto the Corday line with a slightly altered formula)
    “Kai Sang” from 1924
    “Toujours Moi” from 1924
    “L’Orchidée Bleue” from 1925
    "Femme du Jour" from 1926
    “La Plus Belle” from 1927
    “Fleur du Jour” from 1927
    “Quand?” from 1929
    “Possession” from 1945
    “L’ardent Nuit” from 1946
    “TZigane” from 1946
    “Jet” from 1946
    “Fame” from 1946
    Rue de la Paix” from 1952 (this was a special presentation of 3 scents in one “lamp-post” design wich were: jet, fame and tzigane: it wasn’t a new scent)
    “Trapéze” from 1956
    “Pois de Senteur” year: ?
    "Rusé" year: ?
    “Cologne de Lavande” year: ?
    “Cologne de Lilas” year: ?
    "Le Gardenia" year: ?
    "Voyage à Paris" year: ?
    there were more "colognes" made of soliflores and what not, but i don't have the exact info.

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