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    Default Canadian Head Count

    I know of a few fellow Canadians here... but I was wondering if people from Canada could raise their hand! With the recent issues with customs and international shipping, I am seriously considering limiting my transactions to Canada only.. I was just wondering how many of us were on here and active... please PM me or toss a quick hello forward.. Im sure Ive dealt with many of you already but I would like to get a better assessment..



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    I concur!

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    Default Re: Canadian Head Count


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    No, but -- given the current morons and peons and assorted Buy-bull thumpers in power down here -- please count me in as an honorary Canuck.

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    I'm Canadian, what sorts of problems have you had with your swaps recently? I was wondering what the new rules about bringing liquids onto planes will mean for shipping..

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    Quote Originally Posted by nearfantastica
    I know of a few fellow Canadians here... but I was wondering if people from Canada could raise their hand! With the recent issues with customs and international shipping, I am seriously considering limiting my transactions to Canada only.. I was just wondering how many of us were on here and active... please PM me or toss a quick hello forward.. Im sure Ive dealt with many of you already but I would like to get a better assessment..


    Nearfantastica could you elaborate on the issues with customs and international shipping a little more.

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    Hello from Vancouver !

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    *Raises Hand*!

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    Quote Originally Posted by maisonstinky
    Nearfantastica could you elaborate on the issues with customs and international shipping a little more.
    I think the main issue of transporting fragrances is that it contains alcohol, a flammable substance. Apparently it isn't legal to ship flammable substances as it poses a threat to an airplane (it it ever caught fire or exploded, etc.).

    Also, there might be an issue of customs/border control allowing a flammable substance into a country. As many of you will remember, last August, there was a ban on the possession of liquids on a commercial aircraft, as there was a threat of liquid explosives. It's possible that customs may still view a flammable liquid as an explosive and thus, a weapon of terror.

    I'm not 100% sure though. This is only what I think is the biggest issue of shipping fragrances internationally. If shipping was contained within a country, it would eliminate yet another source (customs/border control) that would confiscate a fragrance.

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    Default Re: Canadian Head Count

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    There's a ban of liquid substances being carried by air travellers but that doesnt mean in any way that there's a problem with fragrances being shipped by ground . The biggest danger for fragrances crossing the border is that customs will add a duty charge. Swapping only within the limits of a country may eliminate the possibility of a hassle but it also really limits the reach of the swap system. We have members from countries that rely on overseas shipments (Australia and Japan that i can think of) and it would be a shame for them to be cut off from all international swaps. I've had very few problems with international shipping, and I think that the swap/sale board is one of the best parts of this community.

    It's been mentioned before but declaring packages as 'used cosmetics' instead of perfume (although some have an ethical problem with this) is one way to avoid a lot of the potential problems with international shipping.

    I'm curious about the trouble that nearfantastica has had recently though because it may be that things are getting more difficult, i really hope not.

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    Since there is a ban on sending colognes or other flammable liquids over the border (ground and air) it makes it quite difficult. I have already had a parcel of mine destined for the UK go missing and I've had others held up at customs for long periods of time. Furthermore, my decant bottle supplier's package to me sat at customs for over a month and was opened and examined before it reached my door. I guess I want to limit my shipping to Canada to minimize the chance at potential issues in the future. Since I sell, the idea of me sending out decants or bottles, having them go missing then having to provide refund or subsequent restitution(because that's the only way I feel right about it) on top of my absorbed loss on shipping costs makes me quite wary.

    For the record, yes I declare a low value.. yes I list the contents as everything from "used cosmetics" to "collectible figurines/action figures" and so on... I also add noise makers (macaroni, rice, dog biscuits) to mask the swishing noises of bottles.... I guess I just don't find it worth the worry.

    I have had many many swaps and transactions that have gone off without a hitch, but according to my friend who works for a Canada Post outlet, they are "really" cracking down on cross-border shippings.. especially parcels that exceed 4lbs in weight (for whatever reason).

    I might have to continue rolling the dice if there are not enough swapping basenoters in Canada, but I would much rather not deal with the hassle of declaring, sending...crossing fingers that I don't get pinched.. especially on the occasions that I send out multiple bottles... if they go missing or get confiscated, it's "I" who gets to make it up to the buyer on top of my loss of those confiscated bottles.


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    I can't see how it can be illegal to send such substances, I really don't think it is. In Sweden though, the additional cost is quite huge when sending hazardous goods, but it can still be done. I mean, how can so many online fragrance stores offer international shipping, declare what the contents are, and still go through with it? There are restrictions and legislations for sure, but still...

    I lived in Canada between 94/95 btw

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    Default Re: Canadian Head Count

    Hello from Montreal.

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    Default Re: Canadian Head Count

    A market place Canada, perhaps a fragrance forum France, what else ? LOL! :wave:No pun intended, nearfantastica, or whoever thinks along those lines. There may be lots of misinformation at the basis of this. Also China will not go back to trading domestically, and the French Perfume and Champaign industry is not about to fold either.

    European basenoters have a handicap with mailing costs to any foreign country, but cannot afford even thinking about staying domestic in their transactions. There would just not be enough home members for that. Generally, transactions over here seem to have a much smaller volume. For me the market place has thus never been very attractive. I bought a l lot during the past 24 months, and I found the most attractive offers and better bargains regularly outside bn. Sample purchasing sounds attractive, particularly in the hard-to-get area. But a majority of (assumedly pro / 5 - 20 ml) offers seem just a little prohibitive.

    Fortunately, some potential swappers have at least their flag out! It is a very frustrating experience to go thru mouth watering sales/swap offers before you find the 'no overseas shipment' clause somewhere in members' threads! Although there have been exceptions to the rule, I now usually skip offers from North America.
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    Montreal in da house.

    Uh oh - I didn't realize they were "cracking down". I used to *only* buy/sell inside Canada until some people here told me there was no problem!

    Are they cracking down in Canada or in the US? I just sent someone something in the US. Better make sacrifices to the relevant gods.
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    Here here brother,

    My family came to Canada May 2, 1833. (

    I am wary now of shipping out of the country now too. Call me square but the part I don't like is having to put on my 'game face' just to mail a package.

    I was told it isn't a problem if the perfume is not a spray, but of course most (if not all) new perfume bottles tend to be sprays. The Canada Post lady told me that 'they' consider the 'depressing' action of sprays to be hazardous, specifically flammable. She also told me they have X-rays at the border/customs...oooohhh

    I also remember a SNL skit from a few weeks ago referring to those 4lbs you mentioned. In this case it was air travel and customs. If there info. is somewhat reliable.. 4lbs is the minimum amount of liquid explosive needed to wreak havoc. The precautions both in airports and the mail system are no doubt related.

    It really bothers me that this has become such a problem.
    As of yet I haven't any problems (besides Postal Outlet interrogation) shipping Perfume to America, but I did have a problem shipping baby toys to my sis who moved to New Jersey. They are, after six months, unaccounted for. Probably in customs.

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    Default Re: Canadian Head Count

    Je suis ici!

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    Default Re: Canadian Head Count

    Oh, forgot to add my experience or rather, my modus operandi.

    I wrap the fragrance at home and make sure that it's well wrapped and labeled.

    Then I bring it to the postal outlet to ship it. On the customs form I usually just indicate that it's 'cologne' or 'fragrance samples' and have it shipped ground/ surface.

    None of the Postal reps have ever batted an eye lash.

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    Default Re: Canadian Head Count

    Out of the many transactions i've had internationally, i've only had confiscation once. The package was coming to me. I was quite surprised since it was a fairly small package with a small bottle, it was well packaged too, and marked 'Used Cosmetics' as usual. Out of no where, the custom decided to have a look, fortunately though it was in one piece, and i was only charged a small fee. Usually they would charge you $10-$20. Doing transactions internationally is quite stressful especially if you're on it constantly, they would get suspicious of your packages sooner or later as they keep on seeing your name on the boxes. I think within North America the transactions would be much easier since everything can be shipped ground, even though they might take a while at least it'd cause less problems. Overseas, you'd probably ship by boat, but by the time the package gets there, the person on the other side would probably be enjoying an retirement, sipping tequila somewhere on Hawaii. Your best bet, is to pray to the gods each time, that hopefully the angels get to your packages before the demons do.
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    I have been told by US Postal workers that shipping cologne outside the country is illegal and they definitely do seem to be cracking down lately. It is easier to sneak a smaller package, under 4 pounds, through the system but you are still running the risk.

    Further more to ship cologne within the US it legally has to be shipped via ground only. I know most of us don't, but that is the law.

    Like Anthony (nearfantastica) I'm becoming much more reluctant to ship things across the border. It adds a degree of complexity/risk/delay/frustration to a transaction. Actually I'm currently in the middle of a transaction with Anthony (maybe the one to push him over the edge?) and I really hope that he does not take my comments as in any way being unhappy with the transaction, because I'm not. While I think I will still consider international transactions I will likely limit them to smaller deals; don't risk more then you are willing to loose is my thinking. Also, smaller packages will fly under the radar. They are looking mainly at +4 pound packages.

    So that being the case, this is my thinking. In the future I'll likely limit my international transactions to decants or smaller bottles and only for things which I can't just as easily get within the US. In packaging, I like to put the items in aluminum foil type bags, the kind computer/electronic parts come in and include some CD's. The thinking here is that it will mess with any X-rays which are used to scan packages. I would not use pure aluminum foil as that would likely raise questions but the aluminumized plastic bags and the CD's will fog an X-rays view enough to sneak things under the radar while still being common enough to not raise questions. It is also good to put some stuff in to rattle around and mask the noise of the liquid.

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    Smile Re: Canadian Head Count

    fyi....another cdn here.

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    Hi from Calgary!

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    Default Re: Canadian Head Count

    Quote Originally Posted by Apis
    Hello from Montreal.
    Hi from Quebec City!
    Salutations de la ville de Québec!

    Salut André!
    Ce message provient du Québec!

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    Default Re: Canadian Head Count

    Hello from Vancouver!
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    Default Re: Canadian Head Count

    I'll be living about an hour away from Vancouver in about 3 weeks. But that doesn't really count now does it? :P

    Off subject Nearfantastica, but have you received my PMs? I've sent a few over the past couple of weeks with nary a reply. Maybe a problem with customs at the PM border?

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    Default Re: Canadian Head Count

    Hello from Saint John
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    Canadian expat here. Hey!

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    Swiss here - not Canadian - but sent about 50 envelopes with samples to Canada this week.

    I won't be able to sleep until they have arrived safely.

    lets hope the 49 grams are low enough to fly under the radar.

    Greetings to Canada

    EauxM - Lesnez

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    Red face Re: Canadian Head Count

    Another Canadian raising her hand.

    I checked the Canada Post website and it says;
    "Perfume is a dangerous good (flammable liquid) and is therefore prohibited from the mail stream. See chapter “Non-mailable Matter” for more information."

    Perfume fall under Class 3 in the Transportation of Dangerous Goods act (TDG)

    Class 3 – Flammable Liquids acetone; adhesives (glues); alcohols (butanols, methanol, ethanol, etc.); camping fuel; cigarette lighter fuel; furniture stripper; gasoline; gasoline additives; liquor; naphtha; paints, enamels, lacquers, etc.; perfumes; petroleum distillates; shaving lotion; solvents; thinners; turpentine

    This doesnt mean that is cannot be shipped though, companies transport dangerous goods all the time, they just require "travelling papers". I have a few contacts that are experts in the Transportation of Dangerous Goods area, I could check with them if anyone really cares.

    In the meantime I guess we continue to take our chances that items will never show up.

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