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    Talking Make Your Own Smelly News Story...

    I have an idea: Let's make our own fictional fragrance news stories!

    Be as creative as you can be... make it realistic, fake, whatever... have fun!

    I'll start out with one:

    Math Teachers Switching Cologne In Droves
    Gaultier˛ replaces Pi as fragrance of choice
    CHICAGO, Illinois: Since its launch in 1998, Givenchy's Pi has had a lock on the men's fragrance market in the Math Teacher Sales category. But not anymore. Many math teachers are switching over to Jean Paul Gaultier's new fragrance Gaultier˛ (pronounced Gaultier to the power of two). The unisex fragrance, which was launched in the United States in August 2006 after a year on the market in Europe, is described as a "fragrance for humanity".

    For Albert Gebra, a high school math teacher on Chicago's North Side, "Pi was getting too old... it kept going and going without any end in sight just like the number does. Gaultier˛ is a refreshing change from that, plus my students like it, too."

    Jonathan Leacock, a spokesperson for Gaultier's distributor Beaute Prestige International USA, was encouraged by the news. "More and more math teachers are finding that they've 'got to have' Gaultier˛. The blend of amber, vanilla, and musk in Gaultier˛ is the perfect de-stressing companion along your Texas Instruments graphing calculator when you're grading all those tests. Plus, the magnetic bottle is easy to stick on your chalkboard." Leacock added that BPI has purchased ads on the popular Channel One in-school TV network so "high school students are encouraged to try Gaultier˛, too".

    Still, some teachers would rather fight than switch. Gough Figure, a junior high math teacher from the suburb of Naperville, continues to wear Pi. "I still can't stop wearing it, just like the number never stops", said Figure. A Givenchy spokesperson was not immediately available for comment.
    It's really quite pleasant, except for the smell (...)
    -"Mama", My Chemical Romance

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    Default Re: Make Your Own Smelly News Story...

    In unrelated news the YSL male scent range was arrested today. It seems that had become too good of friends with one of thier team mates. Opium said in a brief interview that he didnt know when or how things had went wrong. But knew that his popularity was growing within his "family."

    In further unrelated news, the owners or a local department store were shocked to find a Britney Spears perfume and and Paris Hilton perfume having sexual relations on the counter top. When questioned Britney's bottle said "I was just "Curious"", and Paris's said "Thats "Just Me.""

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