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    Question A newbie needs inspiration......

    Greetings Beautiful People,

    I have enjoyed the olfactory nirvana that is Basenotes for some time now, and finally joined.

    I 'need' a new going out/night time fragrance. I currently wear Dior Homme, Escada Magnetism, D&G By Man, Eau de Cartier as my night time fragrance. I'll attempt to describe the vibe/feel I'm after.

    It's a mild evening. I'm standing on the balcony of a bar over looking an ocean beach. I'm attempting ( and I do mean attempting) to look thoroughly irresistable. The look is 'preppy'- designer jeans and pastel polo (with collar up- not sure why...)

    What fragrance am I wearing???


    PS I've posted this in the female section for some valued feedback......

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    Default Re: A newbie needs inspiration......

    Sartoriale by Pal Zilerif, or possibly Xeryus by Givenchy

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