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    Question Help: Spraying mechanism broke

    Dear Basenotes' Mechanics,

    (I have posted this on the female discussion board too, but I suppose there could be more responses from the male board)

    I need your advise here. I have two bottles of fragrances Michael Kors and Keiko Mercheri, both of their spraying mechanism broke and leaks everytime I spritz.
    Does anyone know how to unscrew or break the caps to decant without breaking the bottle or spilling all over the place?

    Many Thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: Help: Spraying mechanism broke

    A small wire cutter can snip a series of slits along the sides of the metal cap. 6-or 8 slits will loosen it enough that it can be worked off .
    Hope this helps.

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    Default Re: Help: Spraying mechanism broke

    I don't have Keiko Mercheri, and its been a while since I had a bottle of Kors, but if you can remove the spray nozzle bit on these, and soak it in hot water for a bit, and blow air through it, it might work again. I have seen this with several atomizers- most recently Yatagan. Picked it up after a few months of shelf rest, and low and behold, it was busted. On Yatagan, I was able to just remove the nozzle piece and soak it, thus breaking up whatever oils had clogged it. I blew the water through to dry it out, replaced it, and voila, fixed.

    I think this situation is more common with certain fragrances that have either more natural oils and resins that tend to gunk the works, and make the juice blow out the bottom instead of the intended channel.

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    Red face Re: Help: Spraying mechanism broke

    Dear Friends,

    Thank you very much for your advise.
    I think the Keiko's cap would be much easier to tackle than the Michael Kors. (see link below)

    The Michael's spray / nozzle is fixated by a plastic cap. I have attempted to remove it by hand but it didn't work. Do you which is the best tool to use to remove this cap.

    Million Thanks.

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