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    Cool Help - gift for a friend!

    I'm new here, don't know much about perfume but eager to learn!
    Well my problem right now is that my best friend is obsessed with ylang ylang oil and wears it all the time as a perfume. I don't think it smells so good so I offered to buy her perfume for her birthday, and she said sure but as long as it has ylang ylang in it! So... where do I find such a perfume? She says Animale has it, but we have neither of us smelt Animale so not sure if it is a good perfume. Any advice? Does Envy have ylang ylang?


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    Hi, Trish. You sound like a nice friend! :-) I don't know whether Envy has ylang in it, but you can go to the Basenotes directory on the top left of the screen here and type in "ylang" (and other notes) to get a list of fragrances that have those notes. You can read reviews of many of them, too.

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    Samsara by Guerlain, hands down. Nectar straight from Mount Olympus.

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