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    Default Vera Wang for Men Longevity?

    The woman in my life told me that she really liked the smell of Vera Wang for Men and that I should get it. Something about really turning her on and the rewards which come with that... I checked it out on Basenotes and while it was well liked there were several comments about poor longevity. I personally find longevity to be one of the more important considerations in my selection of fragrances. After all, no matter how good a fragrance smells, it is only good if you can smell it. I was able to get a sample and I really have not been able to find a problem.

    For example, this past weekend I put some on, went to the gym and had a good 1.5 hour workout which left me sweat soaked. I took a shower, with soap, including the areas I put the cologne, and 6 hours after I applied the Vera Wang I could still smell it very clearly, about 20% of the strenght when I initally sprayed.

    That does not seem like remotely bad longevity, especially considering the harsh testing I put it through. So what gives? One thing I did notice was the change from the top notes to the dry down was dramatic. The top notes are very effervescent and exciting where as the dry down is very warm and subdued. Is it that the people who complain about the longevity are just longing for the top notes?

    Before I buy I would like some input from people who have used the Vera Wang for Men.

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    Default Re: Vera Wang for Men Longevity?

    On my skin there is no longevity at all....Yes, this scent smells nice....but after a short amount of time it's gone....and I mean gone.....History.

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    Default Re: Vera Wang for Men Longevity?

    It only lasts an hour at the most on my skin, but if I spay 3-4 sprays (which is extremly excessive for me) on my clothes, it lasts much longer. The fact that I love it so much makes me fine with the longevity issue. I just bought a huge bottle of it and keep it with me to re-apply throughout the day.
    24, San Francisco, California USA

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    Default Re: Vera Wang for Men Longevity?

    I use and enjoy Vera Wang. And plan to even more now that cold weather is arriving. I find the longevity to be at least as good as any on average. It's better than most fresh/aquatics but certainly less so than some of the powerhouses such as M7 or The Third Man. It's certainly not poor enough to cause a great gripe over.

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