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Thread: Teaser # 88.

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    Default Teaser # 88.

    Have you been missing them? Here comes! :wave:

    Teaser #73.

    You heard the whisper of petunias last night?
    Their so fleeting and exotic autumn blight
    And, please correct me if I am wrong, it was polite,
    Like her -- Marie!

    Its spicy rose is a salute to all things fall,
    Neroli's exuberantly contageous sudden squall,
    In hearty mossy tapestry of short days, ya'll
    Love to love it, guarantee!

    Good luck and please stay in good spirits!
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    Default Re: Teaser #73.

    Welcome back!!

    Marquis by Crown/Anglia perfumery?
    Or Coriandre by Jean Couturier?

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    Default Re: Teaser #73.

    Thanks for reading and participating. No, none of the fragrances that you have mentioned. Sorry.

    Clue: si-re-re-si-si line is from a famous piece in G min.

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    Default Re: Teaser #73.

    Welcome back! Of course we've been missing them--and you! Hope you had a great vacation. I'm leaving soon myself, but I'll try--
    How about Coeur Joie, by Nina Ricci (AKA Maria Nielli).

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    Default Re: Teaser #73.

    No, not yet. "Love to love" this lesser known "love"! BTW, while reading helg's response, I realized it is very close to Coriandre and Agent Provocateur (just like I like them!) and can be found cheap at Imagination Parfumery!

    Petunias are not shown as a note anywhere I have searched, but it is definitely there, together with ylang-ylang and orange blossom, all on a woody-mossy-slightly ambery base.

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    Default Re: Teaser #73.

    Is it Chanel No. 19? (And Beethoven's Piano Sonata No. 19 in G minor?)

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    Default Re: Teaser #73.

    Where do I begin? I knew someone would make a reference to #19 in G minor. :bounce: No, no, sorry. Get a musical instrument and start playing already, and of course, it is B flat (like G minor would have it), not natural.

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    Default Re: Teaser #73.

    Can it be Goutal's Petite Chérie? just thinking and 'small' synphonies...
    Plus I remember Turin saying its secret is to be empowered by tomato leaves or something ad definitely petunias are from the same botanical family of tomatoes...

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    Default Re: Teaser #73.

    Histoire d'Amour by Aubusson? (flailing a bit wildly here; right notes and somewhere it said that the theme from Love Story was in G minor--no musician, I)

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    Default Re: Teaser #73.

    Who has ever doubted you, my dear lilybp, they do not know what they are talking about! You are the LADY! She got it again, folks, and got it right! It is History of Love or Love Story from Aubusson Parfums (remember also Ines de la Fressange?).

    Other clues mentioned in the riddle:
    -- tapestry of days (Aubusson is a town known world-wide for its tapestries since the 13th century);
    -- Marie France Archambault -- Vice President of Aubusson Parfums, the wife of Gerald Archambault, who is the nose (???) behind their scents;
    -- music by Frances Lai in G min written for the movie "Love Story" based on Erick Segal book;
    -- "Where do I begin?" is the first line of "si-re-re-si-si" -- mentioned in one of the clues;
    -- petunias -- on the stopper and as a note itself, although it is debatable.

    What a totally underappreciated scent it is, let me tell ya'll! The year was 1984 and it is one of them cases when the fragrance is very unpredictable ranging from soft enchanting spicy rose on the trellis and honeyed petunias to the brutal sharp wild thing with the notes of:
    Top: Mandarin, bergamot, neroli, basil, osmanthus;
    Heart: jasmine, rose, narcissus, orange blossom, ylang-ylang, galbanum;
    Base: musk (not your white musk, but a real animalic "dirty" thing, and I am under the impression that it has -- unlike many other fragrances out there -- never been reformulated), oakmoss, patchouli, amber, vetiver, sandalwood.

    And $17.99 at ImaginationParfumery for 100ml EdT is a steal of a deal if you ask me.

    Thank you for playing and please stay tuned -- hehehe-- for another round!

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    Default Re: Teaser #73.

    Congratulations, lilybp!
    How on earth do you do it - amazing!!!

    Welcome back,Twolf, hope you`ve had a fine vacation.

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    Default Re: Teaser #73.

    Welcome back, Twolf, missed you!
    Lilybp, I just discovered this thread and you already solved the teaser!!! I just can't keep up with your speed - go, go, go gal!
    [SIGPIC][/SIGPIC]Sniffing around
    I'll stop wearing black when they make something darker

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    Default Re: Teaser #73.

    Blushing--and still have no idea how to find the blushing icon--thank you! And thanks especially to the wonderfully creative and knowledgeable Twolf! So glad to see everyone here again! Leaving soon for the weekend!

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    Default Re: Teaser #74.

    Thank you for missing them and for all your kindest words! Autumn is my favorite season because one can wear all perfumes imaginable and make teasers about them too. :bounce: Here is to another unpopular fragrance.

    Teaser #74.

    Down to earth is this wonderful hoax,
    Ambery sun in a dark room,
    Delicate as the taut bowstring, folks,
    Utmost self-confidence boom!

    Not just a blatant expression of money--
    Never an object, I know --
    Precious woods and vanilla and honey,
    Commonplace magic, in slow-mo.

    Yes, it's incongruent, controlling, consoling,
    One spray is more than enough.
    Philip the Great's court was so cajoling!
    His land produced this hot stuff!

    Good luck and please stay in good spirits!
    Last edited by Twolf; 24th October 2006 at 04:49 AM.

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    Default Re: Teaser #74.

    I came late again to the Francis Lai song (the si-re-re-si-si, re-re-si-si-re-mi-re-do etc.)....but I don't think I would pick the name of the perfume quite as quick either. (maybe would try with other love stories). Although I have tried the perfume myself, but to my memory it is not mossy, more ambery floriental. Hmm...

    Congrats for the win to Lilypb!

    Now this one is more up my alley, if I deciphered it right.(hope I did)

    Has to be L'eau trois by Diptyque, right?

    The "ambery sun in a dark room/down to earth hoax" reminds me of the story of Perdikas in Herodotus and the sun sign of the rulers of Macedonia in Greece.

    (second choice would be Eau Lente, but that is not associated with Philip's land but with Alexander's time, which is vague about place since he conquered half the known world! And Eau d'Elide, but that's more Arcadian in concept. )
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    Default Re: Teaser #74.

    Rochas Byzance? Really leaving now. . .

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    Default Re: Teaser #74.


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    Default Re: Teaser #74.

    Some very good guesses here, thank you!

    To helg: wonderful logic, but the fragrance is NOT niche.
    To lilybp: #14 was about Byzance.
    To docluv45: I know, I know "Femme" or "Homme" on the box does not really mean anything, however, this one happens to be "Femme".

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    Default Re: Teaser #74.


    [Disclaimer: I do hope you are not beginning on the assumption that Yokoslavian oakmoss has any historic reference with Philip, LOL, because Macedonia is a broad geographical term, while Philip was definitely greek and not related to FYROM in any way! OK, off with the political/ethnicity overtones, LOL]


    Apivita's Euphoria? (although there is no honey note in there, it does give the feeling of a subdued woody-vanillic ambery frag, only the body products in the line feature white chocolate notes)

    Korres Vanilla-Cinnamon? (which is very woody)

    Part of the "Venus" collection that comes in ancient style ceramic pots, often depicting historical personages?

    On another note, entirely:

    Coty's L'origan? (since orregano is so prevalent in areas that Philip lived? and the rest of the notes for it are not so unusual in that place in the map either)
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    Default Re: Teaser #74.

    I found this on Google:

    Gold Ilio (=golden sun; surely , the sign of macedonian kings!) Vanilla Sunset or Amber Warmth women's fragrance.
    Available at Target, which I believe is a mass market US drugstore?

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    Default Re: Teaser #74.

    Sorry, none of the above, although I see and appreciate your brilliant connotations.

    I realize, it is not a place to discuss politics, but I meant a different Philip, who was more connected with Italy than Macedonia or Greece, who had "one of the poorest European courts, but the one with the most style". He is still called "the Great" in his country, and the quote comes from the fragrance designer.

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    Default Re: Teaser #74.

    Armani Code

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    Default Re: Teaser #74.

    Sicily alluding to Filippo di Borbone and the reign of two Sicilies?

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    Default Re: Teaser #74.

    (in NY, sniffing)--Acqua di Parma Terre Rosse?

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    Default Re: Teaser #74.

    Ok, Twolf, thanks for the compliment and the clarification. You see I was set on that Phillip. Next choice would be Phillip of Spain of course. But you say it's an italian one.
    Darn, the Two Sicilies connection was a good guess.

    So.....what should I say?

    Capitalising on the Positano/Amalfi connection and Le Sinenuse.

    The Paestum Rose Eau d'Italie ? Or Bois d'Ombrie? Sienne L'hiver?
    I haven't smelled either one of them, no clue about notes.

    But you said NON niche. Hmmmmmm.......
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    Default Re: Teaser #74.

    Philip of Swabia, that's who he was! Thanks to everybody for not giving up, and I apologize about the confusion.

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    Default Re: Teaser #74.

    Philip of Swabia is a German king, right? (Of course it was then called Holy "Roman" Empire of the German that's why the allusion to Italy?)
    Black forest is tied to Switzerland which ties with the bowstring.
    (This brings to mind Andy Tauer, but you said not niche. Grrr.....)

    Was thinking about Tosca by Muelhens. (But although a cheap one, the notes don't match). 4711 eau de Cologne. (Same problem.)

    Wait: Swiss Army Cologne?

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    Default Re: Teaser #74.

    It is from a German designer, with Nadja Auermann being a face (when they used a model) and Peter Schmidt being a bottle creator. Like Tosca, this fragrance has some aldehydes in top notes, but mostly it is a down-to-earth ambery scent. Honey is not shown as a note, and being an oriental fragrance, it is sort of standing out with minimal use of spices, hence "incongruent".

    The designer's logo is a thistle.

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    Default Re: Teaser #74. was confusing me that honey note.

    Joop Femme!

    (is Joop cheap over there?)
    Last edited by helg; 22nd October 2006 at 05:26 PM.

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    Default Re: Teaser #74.

    Congratulations! You got it, helg!

    Joop! Femme has an identity with an exclamation point, for sure, and it surprisingly does not get very many reviews in the Directory. I tried searching Joop! fragrances in messages, and the result shows that they are more discussed on the Gentlemen's side of the forum. Sometimes I think Joop! Femme does border on unisex in the beginning, but its fruity-honeyed heart (with no fruit notes again!) inevitably lead to the heady-animalic-down to earth drydown. It grows on me every time I wear it, and I can't help noticing new aspects and nuances of this "commonplace magic in slow-mo"!

    Top: Bergamot, lemon, neroli (citrus is not fruit in perfumery, right?), aldehydes;
    Heart: rose, jasmine, orange blossom;
    Base: sandalwood, cedarwood, patchouli, vanilla, amber, musk, civet.

    Returning to fruit and honey: I feel sun-dried apples and falling leaves, nothing really "pops out" though, like in a well-tailored suit -- good material, impeccable cut and clean seams. All IMHO, though.

    As for the price: it is not really cheap-cheap here, 50ml for $39.99 at the drug stores, but not very many of them carry it nowadays, and of course, it can be found cheaper at the internet retailers and on e-Bay.

    Thanks again for guessing and reading, it means the whole world to me!
    Last edited by Twolf; 24th October 2006 at 04:54 AM.

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    Default Re: Teaser #74.

    Quote Originally Posted by Twolf
    Congratulations! You got it, helg!

    As for the price: it is not really cheap-cheap here, 50ml for $39.99 at the drug stores, but not very many of them carry it nowadays, and of course, it can be found cheaper at the internet retailers and on E-bay.

    Thanks again for guessing and reading, it means the whole world to me!
    Well, I did try.... ;-) It was quite confusing to me at the beginning, because of the historic reference.

    Everything is cheaper over there I am afraid. No discount shops here, nada. Even the internet discount sites do not always ship here or if they do the mail/shipping cost does not always justify the plunge, except for a few favourites.

    I am glad I made you smile, your teasers are wonderful for the grey cells!! ;-)

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    Default Re: Teaser #75.

    Have you seen the pictures Lightninrod posted in Off-Topic discussion? This is about what I saw in our trip through 10 states and loved it. This next riddle is about the perfume I was wearing extensively while on the road (hehehe).

    Teaser #75.

    Guiding beam of sun doing its quiet best.
    Rose and iris rich hues can to the fact attest.
    The tolerances are minute: ripe fruit feel well-matched and snug.
    Shade of merlot and claret is leaves' oriental rug.

    Whimsical patterns of fall: lush, unexpectedly light.
    It happens to be the perfume of great toothaching delight.
    It's so sweet and complex, you'll never gain weight and your date
    Will sure appreciate greatness of number 8!

    Good luck and please stay in good spirits!

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    Default Re: Teaser #75.

    I Profumi di Firenze Florentia 16 (I profumi # 8)?

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    Default Re: Teaser #75.

    Welcome back, lilybp! Hope you enjoyed your sniffing! No, not #8 or 16.

    Like in Ted Lapidus Creation riddle, this one is a counting exercise. It is also about the designer fragrance, 8th in order of release (as per BN Directory).

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    Default Re: Teaser #75.

    Sniffing was great--although i'm exhausted! How about Gaultier, then?

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    Default Re: Teaser #75.

    No, not JPG.

    Here goes: #8
    G u i d i n g b e a m o f s u n...

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    Default Re: Teaser #75.

    Birmane by Van Cleef & Arpels????????

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    Default Re: Teaser #75.

    Musse got it! Congratulations, my dear. Here is how: musse counted each 8th letter in each line!

    Guiding beam of sun doing its quiet best.
    Rose and iris rich hues can to the fact attest.
    The tolerances are minute: ripe fruit feel well-matched and snug.
    Shade of merlot and claret is leaves' oriental rug.
    Whimsical patterns of fall: lush, unexpectedly light.
    It happens to be the perfume of great toothaching delight.
    It's so sweet and complex, you'll never gain weight and your date
    Will sure appreciate greatness of number 8!

    Oriental-woody or rich fruity-floral, 1999, their 8th -- and eveybody knows their 1st, First-- from the house of Van Cleef and Arpels, jewelry makers whose logo is a lighthouse ("guiding beam") in a diamond, they also invented invisible setting (of course Cartier will claim it was them!!!) with minute tolerances and their precious stones "well-matched and snug". "Shade of merlot and claret" is ruby, so is the box, perfect for Christmas gift giving, and Burma -- enchanted country of the Sleeping Serpents -- has been the world's greatest producer of rubies for longest time. There is also a huge beautiful ruby on the elephant's forehead in Birmane ad. The nose is Richard Herpin (khm khm Orlane Be 21, khm khm) and there is no concensus about the notes:

    Top: Bergamot, pineapple, rosewood, lemon;
    Heart: rose, orchid, iris, heliotrope;
    Base: vanilla, tonka bean, sandal, musk.

    Or (others)
    Top: Peach, freesia, kumquat;
    Heart: jasmine, white rose, red lily;
    Base: cedarwood, tonka bean, white musk.

    There is a little bit of spice in the beginning (on my skin!) and the whole composition is light and airy for an oriental scent. If there were such a thing as fruitiental, it would be the most precise description of Birmane.

    Congratulations to everybody for reading, thinking and supporting, and another one will be posted soon.
    Last edited by Twolf; 24th October 2006 at 07:39 PM.

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    Default Re: Teaser #75.

    Thank you, thank you!
    Piece of cake, as you told me how to do it...
    Hope your nice fall vacation inspired you to give us many more of your teasing teasers!

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    Default Re: Teaser #76.

    About time for a difficult one, doncha think?

    Teaser #76.

    She practices the art of making others feel front-page,
    She makes haste slowly, still waters always run!
    In their deepest royal blues you'll find tobacco, sage,
    And no one will ever dare call her "Son of a gun"!

    Because she's sunny, smells of leaves, all crisp and dry,
    Because she is a lady, yet mischievous like an elf,
    She's not in stores, she's hard to Google, with all my might I try,
    And, more importantly, because she is HERSELF!

    Good luck and please stay in good spirits!

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    Default Re: Teaser #76.

    Congratulations to Musse!!! Yay!!

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    Default Re: Teaser #76.

    For some reason I am thinking Montana Parfum de peau (royal blue box) or Biche dans L'Absinthe.

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    Default Re: Teaser #76.

    Palais Jamais

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    Default Re: Teaser #76.

    Montana is a good guess, but incorrect, sorry. In this case the box is white. And French, most definitely French. The designer's name is NOT in the Directory, and neither Imagination nor Scentiments carry their products.

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    Default Re: Teaser #76.

    My other guess is Crepe de Chine by Millot. (not sure on the tobacco though)

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    Default Re: Teaser #76.

    Elle-Meme by Anne de Cassignac?

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    Default Re: Teaser #76.

    Back from the 20s? No, this one is a lot younger, besides, Millot is in the Directory.

    Clue: just three letters are used in its name, but the whole name is longer (just like Gigli, for example, no connection though).

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    Default Re: Teaser #76.

    Oh, must be right.
    Elle meme=herself.

    You know, the first thing that came to my mind was an non-existant perfume: Moi meme seen on the dresser in "Single White Female" (you can see it at my site section Perfume in Literature and Film)

    I wasn't aware there WAS a perfume with that wording!

    Edit to add: I couldn't find Millot in the directory, just the Long Lost version! LOL

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    Default Re: Teaser #76.

    We are going too fast! Yes, it is Elle Meme (there is also a "roof" over one of the "e"s -- and I was directed at least four times how to do "two dots", "right and left accents", "roof", and I still cannot!).

    Trumphets and horns for lilybp, and good evening to all!
    Last edited by Twolf; 25th October 2006 at 10:15 PM.

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    Default Re: Teaser #76.

    [QUOTE=Twolf]We are going to fast! Yes, it is Elle Meme (there is also a "roof" over one of the "e"s -- and I was directed at least four times how to do "two dots", "right and left accents", "roof", and I still cannot!).


    Don't feel bad, I copy-paste from Word ;-)

    Congrats Lilypb!

    I never even had heard of the fume. (the HERSELF hint passed through unoticed)

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    Default Re: Teaser #76.

    Thank you!! I liked that one! I can't do accents on this site either, although I know how to do them on MUA and other websites>

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    Default Re: Teaser #76.

    Congrats, lilybp You are outstanding in this game!!!

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    Default Re: Teaser #77.

    Yesterday it was raining all day, off and on (well, more on than off), I was walking our doggie by the pond, and suddenly had a craving... I do not have any of this scent at the moment (bummer!) so as soon as I got home, I baked bread pudding, drank a glass of catawba that we brought from St.James winery in MO, and made this next teaser.

    Teaser #77.

    It was raining, drizzling, sprinkling,
    Myriads petit wet spots.
    Drops were falling in the black pond,
    Rippling, purling.
    Imperfection of their whirling,
    Power of 1000 watts,
    Aldehydes of recollections
    Drawing lines between the dots.

    That carnation, peach and styrax,
    Bright red strawberries, champagne,
    Best desserts from loving grandma,
    Children stories...
    Half-forgotten inventories
    Of sophisticated strain,
    Games of naked skin,
    Uncluttered, tough and eloquent domain!

    Good luck and please stay in good spirits!
    Last edited by Twolf; 28th October 2006 at 03:02 AM.

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    Default Re: Teaser #77.

    Sonia Rykiel Le Parfum

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    Default Re: Teaser #77.

    Caron Royal Bain de Chanpagne...

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    Default Re: Teaser #77.

    We were expecting this moment of jubilation: standing ovation for docluv45, please, because he is a winner this time! :toppie:

    The teaser was about the old-fashioned woody-spicy enveloping scent with super longevity and tremendous sillage -- Le Parfum (black box, 1993). There are (again!) several different sets of notes for this fragrance shown on different web-sites, but IMHO it is the best from the "loving grandma", aka Grande Dame of purling (khm khm). Spicyness without real spice, just bitter florals and fruitiness without real fruit (boosy strawberries and peach) are the characteristic features of this lesser known pearl, or, should I say "purl"? You will get all the bang for your buck possible and, I hope, start appreciating Sonia's fragrances in general. I also like SR Sonia Rykiel (Pullover) in a bright orange-red box, another fruity oriental with an earthy-woody twist.

    Please also check Sonia's dessert recipes while browsing her site, you will not be disappointed -- simple treats (in many cases also on a budget) or guilty pleasures for you and your family. You can sing the teaser itself to the tune of the popular song in Yiddish.

    Thanks for reading, participating and admiring fall with me!

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    Default Re: Teaser #77.

    Dear Twolf, I always so enjoy your teasers

    Thank you for sharing them with us. Of course congrats go to docluv... figured it out before I could blink
    "Of the five senses, the sense of smell is incontestably the one that best conveys a sense of immortality."

    Salvador Dali

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    Default Re: Teaser #77.

    Keep them coming, I don't even see them soon enough! They're great!

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    Default Re: Teaser #78.

    Teaser # 78.

    When I go trick-or-treating,
    First I go as a fruit:
    Ripe and juicy orange colored,
    Nose-tingling. What a boot!

    I run home, quick as a rabbit,
    Change disguises, speed is all!
    Whiskers, tail and two black ears,
    Never tire of sweets' sweet haul!

    Evening goes twice as fast,
    With twice as much of smooth content,
    I'm a cat for now, milk-lover
    Of a sensual Bast descent.

    Late at night, when I am back
    Eating candy, washing off the glue,
    I feel amber, woods and musk.
    Happy Halloween! And... Boo!!!

    Good luck and please stay in good spirits!

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    Default Re: Teaser #78.

    ..and I haven't a CLUE!

    But you are such a poetic genius, WolfLady. Quarry will probably nail this one.

    (Still think we should publish these Teasers as a collection. Profits to go to a Perfume Pool into which all could dip!):bounce:
    "The world is ruled by letting things take their course. It cannot be ruled by interfering." Lao Tze

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