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    Default Where to start sampling scents?

    I recently purchased a hefty amount of decants and along with those came a good amount of samples too. Basically I have so many bottles, decants, and samples that it will take me a long time to test them all out. Any idea on how I could sample all these colognes? I have so many I dont even know where to start. One idea I had was look through the SOTD thread and the first post I see with a cologne I have, I will test that cologne. Is this a good idea? Any other ideas?

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    Default Re: Where to start sampling scents?

    It's all a matter of personal preference. I've had this situation for over 7 months now, and what I have done is randomly chosen what to wear/test. I now have 115 bottles/60 decants/42 samples in my rotation. I let my stopwatch decide what I wear since I am not one of the strong believers in the cold weather/hot weather fragrance limitations.
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    Default Re: Where to start sampling scents?

    In the evening I've taken to wearing a spray or two from one of the samples I have & think about where and when I can wear that particular frag. Then I give the frag a proper wearing at the time & place I deem appropriate.
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    Default Re: Where to start sampling scents?

    So you think it is a good idea to test multiple frags in one day or just one a day?

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    Default Re: Where to start sampling scents?

    i definitely test more than one a day, at least in a cursory way: i'll dab each inside wrist witha different frag, and sometimes each inner elbow with a different frag. this at leaqst gives an idea of what it will smell like when worn in full force and can weed out the ones that don't merit more attention. IME, i have more experiences where I try a sample, like it, then wear a full dose and don't like it, than vice versa.

    a few hours later, i'll wash the areas that had scent on them and do another round. sometimes this requires multiple washings, as well as waiting for any fragrance in the soap to subside.

    note - this is not what i'd call my "final judgement" technique for determining whether to buy or keep a frag, just an expedient way to separate the wheat from the chaff when i have a lot of frags to sample. otherwise I follow cologneJunkie's method

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