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    Thumbs up Midnight Charm - Dior

    Went into Neiman's today to try the new JM Blue Agave & Cacao (meh) and found this. I already had 4 frags on so didn't put it on, but the bottle is the cutest thing I've ever seen! A heavy round ball, the perfect size for your palm, covered in silver with random polka dot cut-outs revealing purple crystal. Or maybe the glass is clear and the juice is purple. At any rate, for the first time I could envision buying perfume just for the flacon. I'm going back to spray it on next week.

    Other impressions:

    Blue Agave & Cacao - Lots of chocolate in the top note which doesn't appeal to me. The drydown is nice and it did seem to have more staying power than the usual JM scents. I can still smell it on my skin 8 hours later.

    Pomegranate Noir - Second try for this one, and I put the cream on this time. I wish the crisp top note of pomegranate stuck around longer. Nice woods in the dry down, slightly sharper than the drydown for...

    Mandragore (Annick Goutal) - Wow! Yum!!! Where has this been all my life? Citrus, ginger and wonderful woods in the drydown. Actually this might layer nicely with the Pom Noir. Initial sillage was great and I did receive a compliment on it. Unfortunately it was gone 4 hours later.

    If only the Mandragore came in the silver polka dot ball.

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    Smile Re: Midnight Charm - Dior

    If you like the Midnight Charm bottle and appreciate the Blue Agava by JM, you will love Dior's Dolce Vita. Actually the Midnight Charm bottle is a silvered Dolce Vita bottle. Further more the Blue Agava juice shares some similarities with the Dolce Vita fragrance IMHO, only without the cacao topnote and a slightly less woody base.


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