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    I just got a whiff of Sira des Indes by Jean Patou for the first time today and I think I may love it. I didn't try it on though ( too many other scents going on at the time). Has anyone tried it and what are your thoughts?

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    Love it. The animalic musk makes this scent for me. I was worried about the fruit notes at the top, but the musk almost immediately overtakes them and beats their sweetness into something sublime. In the center, the florals bring a small piquancy, drawing the scent away from being too youthful or coy. It's a bit eccentric and it is obvious someone couldn't resist the idea of capitalizing on the fruit trend, but did so by adding a very physiological element to it. The only drawback to this scent is its very low wattage. It fades to the brink of nothingness after 45 minutes. The lotion helps eke out a bit more lasting power.

    Sira has more of a carnal musk in it than any other dept. store scent I can think of (though there must be at least one or two others). Had it not been for this, I'd have bypassed it. There might even be something daring about its ripeness. Bottle is a beauty.

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    To me Sira des Indes smells after a while like an extra deluxe version of the smell of Ambre Solaire tanning oil. Ambre Solaire was together with Jean Patou's Chaldée oil the first tanning products introduced in France (Chaldée later even had it's perfume version). Ambre Solaire has that typical slightly floral, caramelised coco nut smell. Gorgeous !

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    I would like for members to write reviews on the directory for SiraDI , please.
    I really enjoy reading everyone's reviews.

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    I was so lucky to win a tester off ebay this spring when Sira had been hardly launched. It was love at first sniff. Although I'm usally no floral lover, the creamy, tropical smelling champaca won me over. I also smell a light, pleasant amber/bread crust note and definitely an animalic Patou familiy feeling...the civet note, I suppose. I have to add that the EdP lasts pretty long on my skin.
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