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Thread: LesNez Samples

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    Default LesNez Samples

    Yesterday the LesNez samples that we could claim for some time ago arrived.
    The generous 4 ml samples are large enough to try out the fragrances several times. Of course I couldn't wait and tried all the three yesterday evening, and here comes my very first impression.
    Lion seems to be the most interesting one, a warm woody oriental that starts a bit sweet, soft and mellow, later gains substance and gets sharper during the drydown.
    Antimatiere begins cozy, light and relaxed. In the heart it gets spicier and has an inky, graphite-like smell in the heart that I personally don't like, but this whiff disappears soon. In the drydown the sharp edges of the heartnotes vanish and the fragrance gets calmer again.
    Unicorn is maybe the most exceptional of the trio, but the only one I don't like so far. It starts with a sour, campherous note that turns to a cold, frosty accord. Like standing on a rainy day at the coast, the air is cold, almost frosty, and you get whiffs of a salty sea breeze.
    As I said before, that's just a first impression and I'll have to give them a more extensive try. But without doubt, the fragrances seem to me very well constructed.

    What are your impressions?

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    Default Re: LesNez Samples

    Mine have arrived but I haven't had a chance to test them out yet.

    Thank you for posting your fist impressions.
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    Default Re: LesNez Samples

    Got mine too . Not tested yet though, I'll post when I do!
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    Default Re: LesNez Samples

    Mine also arrived. Unfortunately the lids where not tight so a little leakage in the plastic bags. Very interesting mix of smells from them all.
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    Default Re: LesNez Samples

    Mine haven't arrived yet !

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    Default Re: LesNez Samples

    Quote Originally Posted by eric
    Mine haven't arrived yet !
    Mine haven't either

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    Default Re: LesNez Samples

    Quote Originally Posted by eric
    Mine haven't arrived yet !
    Patience is a virtue

    Im also waiting in anticipation.

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    Default Re: LesNez Samples

    Well I tried a small amount of Unicorn last night. First impressions (liable to change):

    As it went on it was immediately clear that this is a highly crafted perfume. Quality of ingredients and construction instantly separate it from the mainstream, and maybe even the "niche mainstream". Initially I got a blast of dry autumn leaves which quickly turned green. Very shortly after this, the violet came in strong but subtle bringing back memories of parma violet sweets from childhood. To me it stayed like this with a mixture of dry leaves, green leaves and violet, perisiting well and with reasonable silage. I can get the "frost" accord if I immagine it, but it didn't jump at me. Instead, the overall effect could be described as "cool".

    I would say that this is not unisex but asexual. It is very charming and evocative of rural scenes in an almost childlike, naive way and of absolutely excellent quality. looking forward to trying the others....

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    Default Re: LesNez Samples

    I haven't received mine either, but I'll tell you right now that I'm probably not going to be into something named "Unicorn"! lol
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    Default Re: LesNez Samples

    Just got back from a trip to Wales an lo, my samples have arrived!

    The quantities are very generous, so many thanks to EauxM for those.

    I'm going to try them out over the next three days in order to form an 'all-day' opinion; however, from the little sniffs I had, Let Me Play The Lion was totally irresistable, and so I'm sniffing away at my wrist every ten seconds with that one. It kinds of meets the criteria of the 'one' which I've never been able to find i.e. fruity spicey without an overbearing 'white floral' feel to it. It's getting drier in taste as it dries down yet retaining the fruitiness, and it's absolutely lovely.

    Kudos to LesNez; I'll definitely be in the market for some Lion scent! Rrrowr!

    edit - it gets better, there's definitely a tea note coming through now.. this stuff is fantastique!
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    Default Re: LesNez Samples

    Quote Originally Posted by perfectfeet
    I haven't received mine either, but I'll tell you right now that I'm probably not going to be into something named "Unicorn"! lol
    Oh dear! Why not? You will be missing all the fun of being chased by virgins

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    Default Re: LesNez Samples

    Just got in my samples today. Very decent PR from LesNez.

    The Unicorn Spell
    Quite some violet in here as the description says. It reminds me a LOT of Annick Goutal La Violette (a soliflore violet). Very sweet but with a green edge. Maybe not all that original but most certainly a playful, appealing scent for (most likely) women of every age, as long as you feel vibrant.

    Let Me Play the Lion
    A beautiful, warm and woody scent. Kind of familiar to Gucci PH and maybe even more to Divine L'Homme Sage. I don't find it very groundbreaking but perhaps it needs some time to clear out all its notes. Nevertheless this is one of those fragrances that will never let you down in winter, very elegant and subtle.

    I suppose this is the most extravagant of the three, yet it doesn't really speak its voice on me. It's there but I can't smell it very well for some reason. Very light and slightly funky, I think there's some anise in here too. This one definitely needs a full wearing to understand its qualities.

    Have more of you tried these yet?
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    Default Re: LesNez Samples

    Here are my quick reviews of the Samples. I can't tell how these scents hold up against other niche products, as that is a field I rarely enter.

    L'Antimatiere: Hm. I think my skin is not right for this. Even after 90 minutes there's just a faint smell there. Hard to make out anything.

    The Unicorn Spell: for some reason, this reminded me of Davidoffs Good Life for Men, but where the Davidoff is a well-kept, pristine Garden, The Unicorn Spell is more of a jungle, equally green, but with some bizarre exotic plants in it. Maybe that's the violet, but it reminds me of exotic fruits.

    Let Me Play the Lion: Quite reminiscent of Gucci ph's frankincense madness, but with some licorice added, and much less sharpness/churchiness. That's a good thing for me, because I find the Gucci unwearable. This one's my favourite of the three.

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    Default Re: LesNez Samples

    Still haven't received mine. Too bad...

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    Default Re: LesNez Samples

    Personally, I wasn't too impressed with these samples (considering their niche status, even more so). However, my favourite was The Unicorn Spell (which I'll probably continue testing for a while). As for the other two, they were hardly detectable on my skin.

    Also, I'm finding this house a tad overly pretentious, with their use of poetry to describe underwhelming fragrances. After reading the explanation for L'Antimatiere, one is left intrigued. However, after smelling it, all that comes to mind isn't the lovely imagery, created by the description, but...


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    Default Re: LesNez Samples

    Got mine today and will test one tonight
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    Default Re: LesNez Samples

    Ok, I'm wearing the lion one now. First impressions:-

    I would say this is a fine construction made from quality materials. It is a superbly balanced scent. I would also say that if you subscribe to the vetiver=elephant house school (which I do not), you should probably avoid this too.

    This puts me in mind of images of sparsly inhabited land, windswept and and harbouring fierce creaures, perhaps wild west or africa. I get a slight sweetness underlaying it, and an organic dusty smell which threatens bigger things, animalic or thunderstorm perhaps. It is definitely woody and to my mind quite sexy, even rude.

    It opens up and develops well. The sillage is pretty good and duration too.

    I think I am getting a house note, something in common between this and the unicorn one (I havent tried the other one yet) but I cant pin it down.

    I find the notes tricky to get in this one, but I think I like it.

    EDIT- NO!!! This has taken a turn I really don't like - to the extent that I just had a shower and drowned myself in Acqua di Parma to get over it.
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    Unhappy Re: LesNez Samples

    We didn't go out after all, so I had the chance to try all three, just on the wrists and hands. My first impression:

    Sweet, a little hairspray-like, woody, hint of cedar and sandalwood (Iso-E-Super?), reminds me of Tumulte in style, i.e. it smells consciously synthetic rather than natural which is not mine.

    There’s a clear correlation to Lion, that “hairspray” thing. Iso-E-Super again? A bit handcreamy, floral. I agree with hirch that this shows a “house style,” which, unfortunately, is not my cup of tea.

    Antimatiere: smells like grappa on pouring it (this one is not a spray), afterwards it’s virtually not there. A faint tea-like note, otherwise nada, nichts, rien. Whose going to fork out hard cash for a bottle of virtually odorless alcohol? Or can I pay for this in bubble money (Spongebob joke) ?

    All of these scents are lightweight, but I do not find them elegant or sophisticated, but simply thin and too synthetic - or simply absent.

    I will give these several tries of course, and I'll say that it took me some time to come to appreciate Andy Tauer's perfumes. But I'm quite skeptical about these.
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    Default Re: LesNez Samples

    Where are my samples?? They told me they will send me those, but I haven`t got them.

    Strange, because I`ve been missing some other mail lately, too. WTF is going on?? Finnish post has lost their way, I guess.

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    Default Re: LesNez Samples

    Quote Originally Posted by PigeonMurderer
    Where are my samples?? They told me they will send me those, but I haven`t got them.

    Strange, because I`ve been missing some other mail lately, too. WTF is going on?? Finnish post has lost their way, I guess.
    Me, too!!! Leaving places just to check my mail, but no sign of both these samples and another package with decants.
    I know it's not something wrong with package sendings, as I have an iPod that should be here (but isn't - because of other issues. Stupid TNT-service), and I also recieved an ad-letter from Molinard today...
    Damn...Nothing else is worse than this happening

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    Default Re: LesNez Samples

    arrived today. I can say that I am very impressed with these fragrances

    Lion: my favorite. Lasts all day on my skin.
    Unicorn: smells fantastic. Also get good longevity out of this one
    Antimatiere: smells like my body odour. Seriously, I have no idea why but on initial application it does!

    Very generous offerings from LesNez, at 4ml a sample =)
    Overall very intrigued by this house now, and satisfied with the samples as well!

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    Default Re: LesNez Samples

    I received mine a week ago, and have been wearing them continuously. My favourite is L'Antimatiere, and have ordered a bottle. I love the fact that it has no real topnotes, and on me it blooms into this smell that I can't really describe. I find it really contemporary. It also lingers all day on me, but creating more of an aura as opposed to trailing clouds of scent.

    I like the other two as well, and would wear the Lion. Funny, I had been wearing them all week, mostly L'Antimatiere. Yesterday I decided to use up a decant of PdN's New York (a great fragrance). After I sprayed it, it seemed really strong and overpowering. My SO also commented on how strong it seemed, compared to what I had been wearing.

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    Default Re: LesNez Samples

    Received my samples yesterday and have tried them:
    1) Unicorn Spell- my favorite- I don't go for many florals but this is a wild and unpredictable one- the violet is enmeshed in green mountain herbs, it's a very cool scent, the best violet I've tried, and quite possibly bottle-worthy. Though it is not all that similar to SL Gris Clair, the effect is the same, wandering around in mysterious and cool mountains at the cusp of winter.
    2) Lion- I found this similar to 10 Corso Como, but much more wearable for me. Very strong woods, a little spice, something warm in there. Really liked it but it did not last very long on me, which, actually, is my problem with 10 Corso Como!
    3) The third scent was completely scentless to me!! Interesting that others have had that experience, but for some, it's lovely. Ah well.

    Overall quite impressed.
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    Default Re: LesNez Samples

    Quote Originally Posted by eric
    Still haven't received mine. Too bad...
    Still no sign of your samples? I received mine on Thursday and we both live in the Netherlands! Should not make such a difference.

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    Default Re: LesNez Samples

    Received mine at thursday...yep I'm 100% positive that they are great fragrances.... unfortunately FINLANDS postal service crashed my samples. Received them in pieces. ...

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    Default Re: LesNez Samples

    First off, thanks to EauxM for the generous samples, i received mine some days ago and have tried them on the skin a couple of times.

    Unicorn spell:
    For me this is the best of the bunch. This one has many olfactory facets to it, it strikes me as rather complex. The sharp green notes make it feel very fresh, maybe even cold. The violet notes complement the greenness, a very interesting molecule that even smells like roses or berries when you get real close to the skin. Yet the scent does not actually evoke feelings of being outside, it is more like an abstract painting, which is not a bad thing. Lasting power is quite good.

    Let me play the lion:
    Starts out with a blast of cedar wood with a fair amount of sweet notes in the background. After a while sandalwood is taking the center stage. Quite pleasant but it seems to fade soon without too much further progression.

    "Oh brother, where art thou?" Those where my thoughts after i had applied some of it. L'Antimatiere is a whisper on my skin that is very hard to detect. After the initial fresh accord all that seems to remain is a faint slightly sweet, slightly animalic smell. Interesting but too much of nothingness for me.

    So far none of them has me all excited, but they are interesting and a little offbeat. I'll wear the samples and my impressions might well change.

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    Smile Re: LesNez Samples

    Thank you very much to EauxM for the samples. They arrived this morning and I have been getting to know them all day.
    The Unicorn Spell is the most evocative for me: I love what seems like a glacial burst of chilled air against crisp green leaves in the opening of this fragrance. Then I'm sure I can smell tomato, perhaps the leaf, in this mix as well as celery and/or fennel. Lastly cool violets come forward with the merest hint of warmth. Body heat warms the scent up a little more but it still retains its own coolness. I think it would be stunning to wear outdoors on a crisp winters day when the sun makes the snow sparkle.
    Let Me Play The Lion I think has an intense warmth which makes me think of chilli peppers and incense. Strange but only my impression. This one would be better on my husband than myself.
    L'Antimatiere wears closest to my skin and seems 'intimate' as only someone who was really physically close to the wearer would be aware of it I think. This fragrance is very subtle but does remind me of the smell of writing ink (the kind you used to get in a pot and use a nib pen with), artists cartridge paper and chalk pastels.
    I wonder if all three scents contain a green note, there is an 'earthiness' to them which I haven't a clue how to describe. The Unicorn Spell is my favourite. My husband, who is more direct than me, liked it too - he said it smelled like parma violets.

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    Default Re: LesNez Samples

    I only asked for Unicorn, and it's not here yet. Boy, I'm dying to get it now, after these reviews!

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    Default Re: LesNez Samples

    Quote Originally Posted by MemoryServes
    Received mine at thursday...yep I'm 100% positive that they are great fragrances.... unfortunately FINLANDS postal service crashed my samples. Received them in pieces. ...
    Oh boy...I can sympathize with you my friend, as I have worked for the Post Office for quite a while. We don't treat every piece with such disdain as you've described, but the percentage is far too high for my idea of good customer service. My sincere apologies to one and all whose samples have not arrived in good shape.
    P.S. - Mine haven't arrived either, LOL!!

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    Default Re: LesNez Samples

    Let`s keep this thread alive until everyone gets their share...

    I guess I`m not the only one who hasn`t yet received the samples(??)

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