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    Default On Carolina Herrera

    Iíve been around my own small world of fragrance the past ten years, and thought the time is right to comment on CH at last. What I search for in perfume is 1: this is meÖI love! this scent and SHALL carry it off, and 2: the crowd around me will recognize that this is ME wearing perfume.

    I have tried some and sometimes sadly realized that the hard earned money spent was just not worth it (CK Be, Insense Ultramarine, Heaven, Tommy). And then there were the few that made me think twice. Should I go back and buy again, or postpone, as there are so many new ones to choose from. And what stood the test of time were YSL Opium Edp and Edt, Mugler A*men and CK Escape. D&G By, Boucheron pour homme and Jaipur (both Edp) are still being analyzed.

    And then there are CH Herrera, 212 and Chic, in order of preference. To announce myself loudly and proudly are these three. 212 is the one thatís being noticed the most, by both men and women Ė who smells so good, what is that smell?? Chic follows not far behindÖitís there but not as overwhelming. And then my favourite Ė Herrera for Men. Classy, classic, rich man (I wish!) All three making a statement Ė I have arrived!

    I have tested the longevity of all three on the BF, and friends (after a while I cannot smell it on myself) Ė asked them to wear it for me to get a feel of what CH is all about. Gone their own way...and late in the day it was still there; made the presence, as gorgeous as I felt it when I smelt it on myself.

    For those who feel about fragrance as I do, do yourself a favour and at least test CH Ė itís not everyoneís taste. HOWEVER, the longevity I still have to match (even Opium Edp doesnít compare). Sad to say the niche perfumes I cannot comment on, as itís not available here.
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    I used to have a bottle of the Chic and liked it but liked others better so I traded it on this site. Then I tried a small decant of 212. Wow. Really like this one. In my opinion it is similar to Chic but much more longevity and projection. I will probably consider a bottle of this after a few more trails.

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