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    Default Newbie starting out (well sorts).

    Hi guys. This is my first post here although I have been doing a lot of reading lately.
    I am 23 and I have been using AdG for the past 3 years lol and I have always got compliments on it. But I recently got tired of smelling like every other guy after I had several girls tell me I smell like their ex.

    So I went to Saks and smelled some Creed (had no idea what it was at all) and fell in love with the MI. I went online to see if I can get it cheaper and ordered it form 1stperfume which I found before this site, and after reading this site seems like I made a mistake. Hopefully I didnt waste my $$ and got some fake or bad smelling stuff.

    Anyway I want to have at least 2 different colognes that I can use routinely. I figure I will us MI for special occasions or going out clubbing or to a louge or a bar. I am currently using Very Sexy by Victoria Secret but it has almost no sillage (I believe that is the word that describes if other people can smell it).

    So I would like something that is not soapy at all smells fresh lasts the day and has great sillage (impossible right?). I am thinking of getting a decant of GIT from this site (is it safe?) and also would really like to try out the Paco Rabanne XS PH since people say it smells like Himalaya so I would like to try it out first, but I can not find any people that sell it as a decant! Can any1 help me out with this please? It does have good sillage right?
    I know Chrome - Azzaro has good sillage but I hated the smell. Too sharp and strong for me. I tried the Issey Miyake (sp?) and wasnt too crazy about it. A bit too much sweetness with alcohol hard to explain. But I really fell in love with MI. Anyway any suggestions for me? Any1 have any advice how I can get a decan of the XS PH to try it out? Thanks.

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    Default Re: Newbie starting out (well sorts).

    I think that is the best site for buying Creeds (at least that I know of). You'll find GIT for pretty cheap there and it's real stuff.

    I would suggest Live Jazz by YSL. It is a less generic fresh scent but very good. It's the only one I enjoy these days. The others have all blown over. It has great longevity and sillage. It's got what you are looking for.

    Oh! Welcome to basenotes!

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    Default Re: Newbie starting out (well sorts).

    The Paco Rabanne XS is less than $20 at scentiments.

    What about Envy - cheap there as well.
    Scents are fleeting . . . memories are not. . . .

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    Default Re: Newbie starting out (well sorts).

    Hey, maxse! Welcome to Basenotes!

    I'm a neophyte into frags, too, and this community has been invaluable!

    MI is a great scent and I have a small sample of it from NM (had to practically beg the SA to give one up). However, do be warned that longetivity is POOR!

    Live Jazz from YSL seems like a good choice, too. I have a sample of it incoming (with a decant of Casran from Chopard) and I'll give some feedback when I receive them (thanks Nearfantastica!).

    Otherwise, happy sniffing!

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    Default Re: Newbie starting out (well sorts).

    Yeah scentiments is good. I've also seen XS at one of those mall perfumania stores. Maybe you should sample Geir by Geir Ness. It fits your requirements pretty well, I would think.

    Welcome to Basenotes, by the way!

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    Default Re: Newbie starting out (well sorts).

    Thanks guys. Yea I just read some reviews and it seems the Creed's MI has poor logevity. Im so pissed at this since it is so expensive. And it is Eau De Parfum so shouldnt this mean good longevity. It kinda doesn't make sense that some EDT would have better longevity than this expensive EDP, no?

    Seems like Live Jazz could be too strong for me in the begining with it grapfefruit... Plus longevity seems kinda average. Any other suggestions?
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    Default Re: Newbie starting out (well sorts).

    Live Jazz' Longetivity is great on me and it really is a superb suggestion. So is already mentioned Geir. Can be powerful if overapplied, but smells so great and lasts a really long time that it will give you a good value. Member maisonstinky can set you up with samples of that one, so contact him. He is very very helpful.

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    Default Re: Newbie starting out (well sorts).

    You should give Davidoff Echo a try!
    Another suggestions:
    - Carolina Herrera 212
    - Polo Black

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    Default Re: Newbie starting out (well sorts).

    Quote Originally Posted by maxse

    So I would like something that is not soapy at all smells fresh lasts the day and has great sillage (impossible right?).
    There are heaps of scents that meet that criteria. You just have to test them on your skin to find them - till recently I'd have said XS met it, but a few people here recently complained about its poor longevity, which is definitely not the case with me.

    Go to a shop, spray around six scents on your wrists/back of hands/ forearms. If a scent is still there with some strength after three hours, it'll last the whole day on you. If it's weak or not there at all, it won't last the day.

    Some other scents that come to mind are D&G Masculine, Lanvin L'Homme, Tommy T, Azzaro Pure Vetiver, Halston Unbound (similar to, but somewhat different from ADG), Jill Sander Sun, Latitude Longitude.

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