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    Question Who and what would you pick?

    I posed this question in the men's forum and some of the answers were quite amusing so I decided to post the same here. Celebrity fragrances are everywhere, if you could pick one who doesn't have a scent as of yet, and could name it, who would it be? and what would you name it?

    My small offerings:

    Meryl Streep : Enigma
    Sean Penn: Ruffian
    Gwen Stefani: Strapped
    Imelda Marcos: Pumped
    Sean Connery: Brogue or Rogue (take your pick)
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    Default Re: Who and what would you pick?

    George Clooney - Uncommited
    Helen Mirren - Feisty
    Robbie Williams - Manic
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    Default Re: Who and what would you pick?

    Ozzy Osbourne - Tremor
    Kelly Osbourne - High & Low
    Sharon Osbourne - Body Control
    Jack Osbourne - Jackass

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    Default Re: Who and what would you pick?

    Martha Stewart -- Doily (floral, woody, gourmand);
    Dianne Sawyer -- Agenda (floral/tuberose chypre);
    Oprah -- Win (oriental, incense).
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    Default Re: Who and what would you pick?

    Meryl Streep : Intense Stage

    Sean Penn: Hung Up

    Gwen Stefani: Luxurious Bananas

    Imelda Marcos: Ruby Slipper

    Sean Connery: Schcottish Shtyle

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    Amy Lee : Mirage

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    Default Re: Who and what would you pick?

    Woody Allen--Youth Do
    Wesley Snipes--Evasion

    Have too much work right to do right now to do justice to this important topic!
    Love everybodies' suggestions so far.
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    Smile Re: Who and what would you pick?

    May I suggest a brand, International Megastar, or I'M for short? Some ideas could be:

    I'M Babe Magnet - Robbie Williams
    I'M Intense - Robert De Niro
    I'M Savvy - Sandra Bullock
    I'M Sunny - Reese Witherspoon
    I'M Sultry - Sophia Loren

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    Naomi Campbell – Bail

    Madonna – Chameleon

    Jodi Foster – Intellect

    Robin Williams – Manic

    Whitney Houston – Regret

    Rush Limbaugh – Rush

    Prince Charles – Pretentious

    Mike Tyson – Desperation

    Tom Cruise – Out There

    Barbara Striesand – Diva

    George Michael – Smoking

    Jerry Springer – Drama

    Anna Nicole – Tragic

    Jennifer Aniston – Scorned
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