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    Question Who and what would you pick?

    I posed this question in the men's forum and some of the answers were quite amusing so I decided to post the same here. Celebrity fragrances are everywhere, if you could pick one who doesn't have a scent as of yet, and could name it, who would it be? and what would you name it?

    My small offerings:

    Meryl Streep : Enigma
    Sean Penn: Ruffian
    Gwen Stefani: Strapped
    Imelda Marcos: Pumped
    Sean Connery: Brogue or Rogue (take your pick)
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    Default Re: Who and what would you pick?

    George Clooney - Uncommited
    Helen Mirren - Feisty
    Robbie Williams - Manic

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    Default Re: Who and what would you pick?

    Ozzy Osbourne - Tremor
    Kelly Osbourne - High & Low
    Sharon Osbourne - Body Control
    Jack Osbourne - Jackass

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    Default Re: Who and what would you pick?

    Martha Stewart -- Doily (floral, woody, gourmand);
    Dianne Sawyer -- Agenda (floral/tuberose chypre);
    Oprah -- Win (oriental, incense).
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    Default Re: Who and what would you pick?

    Meryl Streep : Intense Stage

    Sean Penn: Hung Up

    Gwen Stefani: Luxurious Bananas

    Imelda Marcos: Ruby Slipper

    Sean Connery: Schcottish Shtyle

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    Amy Lee : Mirage

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    Default Re: Who and what would you pick?

    Woody Allen--Youth Do
    Wesley Snipes--Evasion

    Have too much work right to do right now to do justice to this important topic!
    Love everybodies' suggestions so far.
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    Smile Re: Who and what would you pick?

    May I suggest a brand, International Megastar, or I'M for short? Some ideas could be:

    I'M Babe Magnet - Robbie Williams
    I'M Intense - Robert De Niro
    I'M Savvy - Sandra Bullock
    I'M Sunny - Reese Witherspoon
    I'M Sultry - Sophia Loren

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    Naomi Campbell Bail

    Madonna Chameleon

    Jodi Foster Intellect

    Robin Williams Manic

    Whitney Houston Regret

    Rush Limbaugh Rush

    Prince Charles Pretentious

    Mike Tyson Desperation

    Tom Cruise Out There

    Barbara Striesand Diva

    George Michael Smoking

    Jerry Springer Drama

    Anna Nicole Tragic

    Jennifer Aniston Scorned
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