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    Default EBay steal of the century!!!

    I dont really like Silver Mountain Water by Creed. I never have. but when I saw a tester bottle on ebay for about $5 I just had to jump at that. Only one thing, the seller listed it as REED Silver Mountain Water. They had good feedback, and the picture was of the bottle in thier house. Needless to say I was pretty psyched. So I bid on it. Something low, only like 5.50 US dollars (even know the bottle is in England). I got outbid the next day. I'm not really broken hearted over that cause I dont really like the stuff. So last night before bed (the auction had about 4 hours left) I decided to bid one more time and it I didnt get it then that's fine. When I woke up today and checked it. I WON!!! how could that be? I just won SMW for 9.52 GBP (including shipping) I think thats about $17. Shit I'm lucky. I guess i will get the opportunity to get to like it now.

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    Default Re: EBay steal of the century!!!

    silver mountain water reminds me of LSD (which I've never done), like a fruit fight at a hippie jam festival would smell to the participants.

    I find it intriguing, and my girlfriend said that she'd wear it as well (it is unisex)

    Hope you enjoy it. What size was it? did it come with the cap and box?
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    Default Re: EBay steal of the century!!!

    well done Thrax. Typos in te listing is really the only way left to get real steals on ebay, so sophisticated has the marketplace become (what with all te Buy-It-Nows and Bid-Sniping, etc). Here's hoping it works out right!!!!

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    Default Re: EBay steal of the century!!!

    big bottle, no cap no box.........

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    Default Re: EBay steal of the century!!!

    $17 ?? That really is a steal!

    I hope you get an authentic bottle from a good batch !

    I lik SMW but dont love it.

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    Default Re: EBay steal of the century!!!

    Nice! Creeds always get up to around 40-50 Euros on German ebay, for 2.5 oz bottles, whether tester or not, whether full or not. They're just too sought after.
    Still it's by far the cheapest way of buying fragrance over here and you can still make really good deals on lesser known perfumes.
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    Default Re: EBay steal of the century!!!

    Good job! I had a similar experience once when I won a bottle of (I kid you not) "Lennerd Pour Homme." Shit, I guess the semi-literate yutz couldn't even read the freakin' label OR the bottle. Oh, well, that was one great purchase for me for all of $7.50 plus shipping!

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