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    I was wondering if anyone of you have tried this scent as of late? I just recently bought a bottle of the scent and I'm loving it. I've received so many compliments from the younger and older crowd that i just wished that I had picked up a bottle of this a long long time ago.

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    It's a really nice scent and not something you'd think was released in the 90s. I don't get the chance to wear it more often, which is a shame. Can't believe how cheap it is too. High up there in bang for your buck.

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    I never thought lemon and booze could smell so good. The top and heart are great. But alas, the drydown becomes too sweet for me (i'm really senstive to sweet notes), so I don't own it. Great stuff though.
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    The dry down is a touch too ambery for me, but that doesn't stop me from wearing it. A boozy yet smooth oriental that is more sophisticated than you might guess. Very good for dress-up occasions.

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    Women and men alike LOVE this on me, and I love its scent, too.
    There will always be a bottle of this stuff in my wardrobe.

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    Is it stuffy, powdery as for example, Habit Rouge?

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    Not, not in my opinion. Goes on very boozy, then dries very spicy, then dries down further to a rich, ambery "butteriness" on me. Love, love, LOVE this stuff and -- as someone else pointed out earlier in this thread -- it's also a GREAT deal (a.k.a. "a lotta bang for your buck").

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    I have had both versions; EdT and EdP. Got rid of EdT because it didn`t last that well on me, and I found EdP in this case overall more interesting.

    EdP of this is very rare, that I have understood. I think it was made mid-half of the 90`s just a very limited amounts. I`m very happy to own one myself.

    As always, EdT & EdP holds the same kind of differences. Basically, EdP is much more dense and woody, more rich and long lasting. It doesn`t have the fresh boozy quality of EdT, but I find it overall more pleasing.

    I`m not sure if this EdP is available in anywhere these days, so perhaps I really should be happy about it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RCavs
    Is it stuffy, powdery as for example, Habit Rouge?
    I don't get any powder from it. It's elegant, delicate, balanced, refined: I love the cognac note. The middle notes are spices, florals, and the base is a woody, sweet amber.

    Should have a little more longevity, though.

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    I like this one. Boozy richness galore! It's a little too powdery for my tastes but the poweriness fades as it dries down so it's not that huge of a deal.

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    I received mega compliments on this back in the mid-1990's. Women do indeed love it. I have owned it at least twice since then and swapped it both times. I guess I've moved on. Dior Homme has supplanted it!

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    Yes i do sense the boozy-ness in this. It's funny but i've noticed that every little perfume shop has this and everyone of there testers is practically empty. Now i see why. Although I must admit (on me) I only need two shots of this juice and I'm good to go for at least 5-8 hours.

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    This stuff is absolutely superb. I remember one time I wore it an extremely attractive co-worker of mine told me that I had to get away from her because I smelled so good she wanted to jump me there. So of course, I kept walking past her back and she'd always turn around and yell at me (not really yelling, but you know).

    It's a damn shame because I guess she missed her next shift and the manager was in a crappy mood and fired her... I think one more shift together and I would have had her.

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