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    Talking Tresor = Ex'cla'mation

    Anyone else notice these two smell VERY similar? My little 1oz of Tresor came in today, and it smells just like the stuff I wore in 8th grade . If I read correctly the same nose created both....

    PS...I think that Tuesday is stock day at TJ Maxx, I went today and there were all brand new goodies out, including Fendi giftsets, Burberry Brit giftsets and Gucci giftsets and bottles of Safari. None of it was there over the weekend. Just a heads up!

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    Thanks for the heads up about TJMaxx! Nice to know.

    What did you get, tink? EdP or EdT? The 90-s version of Tresor EdT is similar to Ex'cla'ma'tion, with peach-vanilla and supporting powdery florals. Tresor is better crafted though: E! has this musky roughness not always agreeing with me, while Tresor stays woodier. EdP lasts days, not hours, and its "apples under the snow" note can be found in CK Eternity.

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    Wasn't Exclamation, like Tresor and Eternity also created by Sophia Grosjman?

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    Tresor is one of the sexiest female fragrances I know. A pure aphrodisiac!

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    My little bottle is the EDP.
    I'm kicking myself for not grabbing a bottle of Safari...maybe I'll go back today.

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    EdP is good! Keeping my fingers crossed for RL Safari, gorgeous and understated.

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    Sophia Grosjman: the woman who was heavy handed....

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