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    Default Creed Floral Confusion (CFC)

    Hi all,

    I have been testing a few Creed florals recently (might make a purchase for someone) and wasnt able to find the distinguishing character of a few of them after some tries. Can any one help me out with the following scents ?

    1) Fantasia De fleurs
    2) 2000 fleurs
    3) Fleurs De bulgarie
    4) Fleurs de The rose bulgarie
    5) Tuberose Indiana

    #s 1 and 2 smell similar to me
    #4 is a linear rose compared to #3 which is more musky, right ?
    #5 I smell a prominent honeysuckle note in this one
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    Default Re: Creed Floral Confusion (CFC)

    Hello, zz!

    The person you are purchasing for is in for a treat-I 'm a total Creed fan!
    here are some of my insights for you-hope they are helpful. I do not find any similarities to 1 and 2, at all! FdF is , to me, an over the top, ebullient blend of tuberose and roses and osthmansus (sweet apricot). 2000 Fleurs smells to me of lilacs, which are not a personal favorite of mine. I have not smelled Fleurs de Bulgarie, so cannot comment on it. Fleurs de Tea is a linear rose, extremely fresh smelling, with a green tea not that i adore. At first I found it a bit disconcerting that it never changes, never morphs into anything else but now I really enjoy it. Tuberose Indiana is a tuberose and ambergris blend. I adore it, but cannot smell the honeysuckle note you refer to. Perhaps my nose is not as good as yours! I find it a really swoonworthy perfume. Have you tried Irisia? I am such a fan of Irisia I wish it had its own fragrance board. What pther sorts of fumes does your friend care for? Let us know what you choose!

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    Default Re: Creed Floral Confusion (CFC)

    Thanks Carole!

    The person in question is my girlfriend - she already owns Love in White and Spring Flowers and adores them. They are fresh, un-heavy florals, and great for spring and summers. She is starting to like Fleurs de Bulgarie, which is a bit heavier and more formal. She also loves Chanels' Une Fleur, if that helps.

    What womens Creeds are your favorites and would you recommend ?

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    Default Re: Creed Floral Confusion (CFC)

    Well, ZZ, if she has SP and is enjoying Fleurs de Bulgarie, then perhaps she should try TI, which is subtle and wonderful. The ambergris makes me think of far off , exotic oceans, without ever smelling oceanic, if that makes sense! It is wonderful and subtle.

    I am a serious fan of FdF as well, and it could be a nice departure from SF. I wear this one all the time. I remember the lovely French saleswoman who sold it to me kept inhaling it deeply, repeatedly saying it was wonderful. I am somehow very conscious of wearing this one: it has a lovely, deeply perfum-y quality. It is not for wall flowers! When my mom borrows a spritz I can only catch divine snatches of it, and I love it on her too. The perfum-y quality is hard to define-I'll have to give it more thought, and see if I can quantify it for you. For me SF stays close to the skin but the perfum-y characteristic seems to sort of radiate the scent, and not in a bad way at all.

    If you are attending the Creed counter anyway, will you try Irisia? It is indescribable, and is one of my favorites. It has the same perfum-y quality as FdF. It is mostly iris, with tangerine and violet notes. The drydown is ambergris and oakmoss. I think it is a green chypre. If your girlfriend likes SP this may be too big a departure for her right now, but I would love to hear your thoughts on it.

    You probably know this, but I think that the Bond #9 stores still have some selection of Creeds in their inventory. They were selling them at half price (I am not affiliated, have never purchased from them, but read about them on another board). Also, check MUA for some great reviews-they are better at describing the fragrances than I am!

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    Default Re: Creed Floral Confusion (CFC)

    Great !

    So which ones would you categorise as "formal" and which ones "casual-light" ? Please feel free to include the Creeds which I havent listed. I would like to get a better idea of their womens catalog (I am quite experienced with their unisex and mens offerings).


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    Default Re: Creed Floral Confusion (CFC)

    I enjoy wearing Irisia with suits and business attaire: the drydown is good for , say, going to the movies after work. FdF makes me feel very pretty, and so I tend to save it for the prettier, red lipstick events. They are both structured fragrances, more formal than casual.

    I forgot to ask what age range would your girlfriend be? Have you considered Fleurissimo? It is fabulous-light and fresh, it smells liek clean air after a rainstorm. It is a warm scent, and you can really smell the violet. it;s divine. It was commissioned for Grace Kelly, by Prince Rainier, and so it has a romantic association. To me it can be both formal and casual, plus you can spritz it on the skin along with SF to make a combination known as Spring Fling. It may have started as a clever marketing idea to make you use more scent, but the combination is very pertty!

    Another to consider is Jasmal, which could be romantic, casual amd formal. It's Italian jasmine, with a slight tea note. I have this one and love it, too.

    I'm not really helping you narrow down your choices, am I?

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    Default Re: Creed Floral Confusion (CFC)

    OK-how about this-

    Since she likes Chanel, why not cinsider Jasmal, and then Fleurissimo, in that order?

    And if she is looking for a departure, then go with FdF.

    And, just because I am such a fan of Irisia, ask for a spritz of it, or a sample, and let me know what your thoughts are. MArlen posted a wonderful review of it on his website recently-he enjoyed it himself, even though it is not listed as a unisex fragrance.

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    Default Re: Creed Floral Confusion (CFC)

    Yes you are! its some great info (as you can see on Basenotes, the womens fragrances dont have that many reviews). My girlfriend is in the age range 21-24.

    I also saw Marlens' review of Irisia - he gave it a 7/10...perhaps he didnt like it much.

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    Default Re: Creed Floral Confusion (CFC)

    I just checked out some of your reviews-you have access to loads of Creeds to try!

    Given her age and preferences I definately think you should try Jasmal for her. I wish I had tried more-I shopped over the phone with Les Ailes de la Mode on Montreal when they were discontinuing the line. I was able to buy so many because they were more than 70 percent off! That's why I was able to purchase the Fleurs de tea, which I adore. It only comes in the huge 8 oz size, which is a staggering amount of anything to purchse. I bought it unsniffed, beacuse I knew I'd never get anothe ropportunity to do so again. It really is wonderful.

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