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    My mother always talked about this one, and how its scent dominated her girlhood. That's all that she and her sister and her classmates could afford, I gather, maybe aside from Prince Matchabelli or -- shudder -- Tabu. (Maybe an occasional bottle of Arpege or My Sin as they got older.) From what she and my aunt told me, they often gave Evening in Paris to their female lay teachers at Christmas (the male teachers got Old Spice, and the nuns got nothing).

    By the time she was having kids, she could afford better, but still stuck to cheapies -- for example, Cachet, her favorite. Ewwww. Where I got my nose for good scents I'll never know -- it certainly wasn't from her. At least her mother wore Youth Dew and Eau de Joy. But I digress.

    Evening in Paris had gone the way of the dinosaurs by the time I came around (as far as I know), and I never have smelled the much talked about (and much joked about) dimestore/drugstore original. Tell me: was it wonderful? Vile? Acceptable? Does anyone here know? And what about the 1991 re-formulated Bourjois scent by the same name? Virtually no Bourjois scent had any reviews at all here on Basenotes, hence the incessant questions.

    And one more question: is it true that Chanel used to own Bourjois?

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    I've never sampled it. It is available through the Vermont Country Store's website. They have an interesting array of drugstore frags from days gone by.
    Not sure if this is the reformulation they are advertising.
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    Default Re: Evening in Paris

    Not sure if it helps, but I googled a little and I found something that said Chanel created Bourjois, which seems to be a makeup 'line.'

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    My mother wore Evening in Paris when she was a teen, but for as long as I can remember, her scent when I was a kid (70's-early 80's) was Windsong.
    My mother, more than once, has brought up Eve in Paris and talked of how it was so nice for a dimestore perfume. My grandmother found an unopened gift set of vintage Evening in Paris at a yard sale! It's sitting in her bathroom along with her vintage set of Desert Flower. The set even has a small canister of scented powder. The bottle is full and so is the powder. She also has a smaller opened bottle of Eve in Paris (which I had a chance to smell) along with a large unopened dusting powder box (blue with silver lettering). It's very powdery and not overtly sweet. It seemed to have a wood note in it aswell.

    I thought of buying the new stuff for my mother as a Christmas gift, but she's still basking in the glory of the bottle Opium I gave her last month.


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