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    Default Which of these ... do you like best?

    These are some frags I recently tried. Just out of curiosity, which of them do YOU like best? And worst?

    Hypnotic Poison
    Y by YSL
    Boudoir (Vivienne Westwood)
    Agent Provocateur
    Knowing (Estee Lauder)

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    Default Re: Which of these ... do you like best?

    I actually like all of these! If I had to choose from them this very minute, I'd probably go with Knowing. But that could change by lunchtime!

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    Smile Re: Which of these ... do you like best?

    All nice scents, I don't dislike any of them when worn on someone else.
    If I had to choose for myself I would feel most comfortable wearing Hypnotic Poison and least comfortable wearing Opium (it's just not 'me').

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    Default Re: Which of these ... do you like best?

    Excellent choices by the way...

    Hypnotic Poison is one of my all time favorites. It's been with me for a very long time; in fact I could say that I feel about it the same way ms. shadesofbleu feels about her Angel .

    The other two I adore are: Boudoir (Vivienne Westwood) & Agent Provocateur but I would have to add here that Hypnotic Poison is more wearable for me .
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    Default Re: Which of these ... do you like best?

    They are all very nice but Hypnotic Poison would probably be the outstanding one.
    It smells so good that which is almost edible... that vanilla coconut milky note is so mouth-watering that everytime I smell that I would drool over it.
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    Default Re: Which of these ... do you like best?

    Though I'm not sure I'd really wear any of those ordinarily, I find Boudoir very intreguing and it reminds me of a very specific time in my life - I find it has incredible clarity and it's just so unusual. It reminds me of nineties minimalism and ballet, black, beige and that earie, clear deep pink of the bottle.

    Agent Provocatuer is beautifully crafted, though I find it way to high-society. Too austere. It's in-your-face bourgois. I can't quite understand why this one is supposed to have sex appeal, but I'm sure the right personality could pull it off nicely.

    Both Opium and Hypnotic Poison have that very unfortunate quality that most department store fragrances have - namely that artificial, industrial perfume quality that reminds me strongly of drier sheats or 99 cent shampoo/conditioner. Opium I find a touch too oppressive, and HP I think might be lovely if it weren't for the drier sheat syndrome, though I find it still might be too tamely sweet and weakly gourmand to hold my interest even with that omission.

    Haven't tried Y - it's one of those that's so far outside of my tastes that I couldn't be fair to it anyhow. And if I remember from smelling it off the bottle, I found Knowing to be just another drier sheat, generic fruits, oriental spices and flowers scents that I couldn't care less about.

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    Default Re: Which of these ... do you like best?

    I love, love, love hypnotic poison! Opium is wonderful too. I am not familiar with the others, but I do not care too much for florals.

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    Default Re: Which of these ... do you like best?

    Most - Y (understatedly elegant, "outdoorsy & autumny" fruity chypre)
    Least - Hypnotic Poison (nasty bittersweet almond at large)
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    Default Re: Which of these ... do you like best?

    Hypnotic Poison. I recall this as being quite unusual when introduced, due to the caraway note. I went through three bottles of it before shipping it off to temporary retirement. It has always been a mellow scent on me and one that didn't project much off the skin.

    Do not know Y.

    Knowing is simply too much for me, although a friend swears by the parfum version.

    Opium is iconic, but has never really blended with my chemistry. I find it too dry, but since I do like dry scents as a general rule I believe the problem is that it tries too hard to seduce with the abundance of Orientalism and mock decadence. Plus, it always smells like Opium and does not take the individual into account. Like a coat of paint a la chinois.

    Boudoir and AP are creatures unto themselves. I suppose I admire AP more (the stiff, woodsy drydown is fascinating after the severity and hyper-femininity of the top). Boudoir stretches into absurdity with the top notes and I can't seem to forgive those.

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    Default Re: Which of these ... do you like best?

    Most: Opium (my HG)

    Least: probably Knowing (prefer other chypres, Y being one I am on the lookout for)

    They are all good choices, very nice!

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    Default Re: Which of these ... do you like best?

    IMHO I must say Hypnotic Poison or Agent Provocateur.Opium I've tried,but it didn't suit me.

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    Default Re: Which of these ... do you like best?

    Hypnotic Poison

    Dior baby Dior!
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    Default Re: Which of these ... do you like best?

    Remarkable! Four out of those five scents make me run for being too strong or too powdery on me. But maybe the strongest scent of all, Opium, has me under it's spell for years already. It absolutely does not make sense, I suppose. Lovely dark and spicy Opium....just wonderful.

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    Default Re: Which of these ... do you like best?

    I hesitated to vote because I've only smelled two, but I'd like to put in a good word for Knowing. This is one of the best cold-weather scents I own, with one of the strongest dry-downs of any womens' fragrance in existence. It lasts, on skin or on clothing. Even if people find it too strong at the beginning, it does end with the lovliest powder. This is a complex scent, I can never decide exactly what I smell: orange flower and tuberose, spices like cardamom and coriander, gentle patchouli and oakmoss, honeyed amber, and clean musk at the end. In my opinion, it is a type of Chypre Rose, or Woody Oriental. I've worn it for years, long before I knew there were perfumes beyond the department store. Even though my tastes have become more sophisticated, it still deserves a place in my wardrobe because most people find it attractive on me, it is well-blended, easy to find, and one of Estee Lauder's best.
    The other I have tried on your list was Agent Provocateur, and it impressed me as a remarkable rose scent. However, on me the vetiver made it too dry, almost sour.

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    Default Re: Which of these ... do you like best?

    I have yet to try Boudoir...but of the rest i'd say Hypnotic Poison as well.

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    Default Re: Which of these ... do you like best?

    I haven't tried Boudour, either, so of the others I like Hypnotic Poison best. But beware, I also like dryer sheets. I once explored the Snuggle fragrances and got the notes to each one, because I like the original Blue Sparkle so well I wanted a cologne to match. Now, a well-loved basenoter has pointed out the obvious, in an off-hand comment, "Why don't just put the dryer sheets in your pocket?" Ah, why indeed. Life can be so simple.

    I do it.

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    Default Re: Which of these ... do you like best?

    Opium Extrait
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    Default Re: Which of these ... do you like best?

    Hypnotic Poison and Boudoir....Sensual....Romantic....Sexy....Opium and Y are nice.....Have not smelled the Agent Provocateur...All of these on my wife of course....

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    Default Re: Which of these ... do you like best?

    Knowing the most
    Hypnotic Poison the least

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