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    Default First order for Luckyscent samples

    Hi Gents,
    I am crossing into a new threshold of not waiting for 'better' frags to come to my doorstep in Canada. And I am just about to wash my hands of The Bay, Holts, etc.

    After 25 or so years of enjoying this most addictive of pleasures, I am not going to settle for second best anymore and will stop by banging my head against the wall in hopes that the 'usual suspects' will give us yet another version or 'adversion' to buy.

    So, I have ordered some samples via Luckyscent which basenotes brought to my attention. If any of you have ordered any of the following scents please let me know what your experience has been.


    Name: Mazzolari Desc: Sample:Lui
    Name: Profumum Desc: Sample:Fiori d'Ambra
    Name: Profumum Desc: Sample:Thundra
    Name: Parfumerie Generale Desc: Sample:Aomassai

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    Red face Re: First order for Luckyscent samples

    Well, I just ordered a sample of Aomassai, too, so I'll be interested in hearing your reaction to it, and I'll post mine, as well.
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    Default Re: First order for Luckyscent samples


    I ordered Fiore d Ambra and Thundra from Luckyscents a few weeks ago, and they turned out to be my two favorite in the set of four I got (the others were Patchouly and Ichnusa). I should have notes on them in the Directory, but to me, FdA is a classic, warm/radiating honeyed spicy amber scent suitable for men or women. Thundra is interesting, with lime and mint and clean musk, but drying down toward stone and ozone notes. I haven't tried Santalum or Antico Caruso from them yet.



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    Default Re: First order for Luckyscent samples

    You better let us know how they are!

    I don't know any of those but I love finding gems through random raves about a fragrance they just found. So, be sure to let us know! I'm going to go look for some samples right now. Thanks for the idea.

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