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    Default What to wear to dinner?

    I'm hoping to get some suggestions from my fellow members: I am going out for a romantic dinner with mon amour on Saturday evening. Sort of a semi-casula bistro place. I would like some ideas of what to wear, perfume-wise. I don't like perfumes to compete with the aromas of the meal, of course, but I'm also not crazy about really foody scents like Angel. My wardrobe is posted here, if you take a look and give me some ideas I'd be so pleased.

    Thank you!

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    Default Re: What to wear to dinner?

    Dear Pellen, I haven't has a chance to smell many of the SL that you have but I think the Christian Dior - Miss Dior Cherie would be quite nice to wear in this occassion. It is not too over powering, fruitty and has a touch of strawberry which makes it almost comparable to a strawberry sorbet. I have worn it a few times and got compliments from people saying it is an adorable, bubbly, likeable scent.

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    Default Re: What to wear to dinner?

    I like your collection!:

    Let's see, I would probably wear any of these three to dinner:

    Fumerie Turque
    Daim Blond
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    Default Re: What to wear to dinner?

    My pick would be Bois Farine, Bois et Fruits or Bois et Musc. Have a great time!
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    Default Re: What to wear to dinner?

    Wear Prada
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    Default Re: What to wear to dinner?

    I see you have SL's Fleurs D'Oranger. That would be a great choice!

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    Default Re: What to wear to dinner?

    I would go with your Jo Malone fragrance. It is suitably
    herby and citrussy to blend in with the food.

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    Default Re: What to wear to dinner?

    I second the Daim Blond.

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    Default Re: What to wear to dinner?

    Something un-foody I'd suggest!
    I pick À la Nuit.

    Although I see you have given it 3 stars, so perhaps you are better off wearing something you are more crazy about.

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    Default Re: What to wear to dinner?

    Fumerie Turque. Have a lovely time!
    "I felt something so intense, I could only express it in a perfume." - Jacques Guerlain

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    Default Re: What to wear to dinner?

    I second (or third, or fourth) the Prada. I also think Very Irresistible is a deeply romantic scent.

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    Default Re: What to wear to dinner?

    I say Spark by Liz Claiborne. I love that scent, but I got "seller crazy" and put it up on Ebay, now I miss it ...

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    Default Re: What to wear to dinner?

    Cuir Mauresque

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    Default Re: What to wear to dinner?

    Quote Originally Posted by docluv45
    Cuir Mauresque
    it's a great one
    "...The history of perfumery before this subdivision of niche was manufactured, both literally and imaginatively, is a long one, with thousands upon thousands of fragrances. The true fragrance lover takes each fragrance one at a time, and examines it preferably outside of the imaginatively manufactured categories and, in doing so, builds up a steady, informed basis for seasoned comparative judgments based on the sampling and information gathered from such sampling. This is why any one on the board who ever has anything particular interesting to say about fragrances as fragrances rather than as categorical constructs always has an abiding interest and passion for all kinds of fragrances and not just a narrow niche of fragrances. Conversely, the "niche whores," the more and more narrow their interests become, the more and more they mimic the ad copy of the very companies they worship. I know whose posts I like to read..."

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    Default Re: What to wear to dinner?

    wear Lolita Lempicka
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    Default Re: What to wear to dinner?

    Nuits de Caron or Prada

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