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    Question Sorta new to perfume

    Hi everyone, I love perfume and have worn it since I was 14 or so. I know what I like by smelling it but I can't distinguish individual scents (or is it notes?) apart from others. I want to learn more about the technical (is that the right word?) side of perfume.
    Does anyone have any advice on, say, being able to tell the difference between sandlewood, musk, and amber? Or in general being able to classify various scents by scent family? How do I know how much sillage (I just learned that word. LOL) is in any given fragrance? Is there a kit or something?

    In the past few months this is what I bought:
    Lacoste Inspiration
    Prada Intense
    Armani Mania
    DG Light Blue
    Burberry Woman (I think)
    Michael Kors Island
    CK Euphoria
    Narciso Rodriguez for Her

    I also like Opium (for certain occasions of course), Obsession, Amarige, and Sunflowers.

    I appreciate any help and thanks for reading. :-)

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    Default Re: Sorta new to perfume

    Hi, Dayna! Welcome to basenotes!

    Being new, it might be really hard to dive right into distiguishing each note of a fragrance. I'm not there yet and I've been involved here for a long time. I would concentrate on family classifications first. There are ways to distiguish the notes, to answer your question.

    This is the ideal site to get some starter information. I've refered to this site numerous times. It's very helpful...

    It'll give you some classifications of what makes each fragrance part of each family.

    To answer the sillage question... I don't know if there is a legit way to measure. It's based on your knowledge of how strong it is and how much you apply. Look for facial expressions of disgust. You'll know when you wear too much. For women it is less of a problem because most people welcome the smell of a lady. I wear fragrance conservatively so I don't offend anyone. I like smelling it on myself and am not really too worried with other people smelling me. It's nice to get a compliment but I prefer it for myself. So, pay attention to Stregth (EDT,EDC,EDP...) and don't overspray.

    I hope this helped a big. Enjoy that site. Read up on it. You'll learn a lot.

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