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    Default Wedding fragance help!

    I'm getting married in July (an outdoor evening wedding), and would like a special scent to celibrate this day! I usually wear clean, unisex scents. I also like Black by Kenneth Cole, Amor Amor by Cacharel, and Breathless from Victoria's Secret. I'm searching for something unforgettable, and unique. I don't like oriental smells, overly bright florals, or bright fruit. Maybe something from Serge Lutens? Please help!

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    Default Re: Wedding fragance help!

    Serge Lutens is not necessarily known for "clean" scents (but you should try this line- especially Daim Blonde!). Florals are traditional for the bride - I would suggest Creed's Spring Flower, a lovely fresh floral with a hint of fruit, Bulgari's Rose Essentielle (dewy rose, violet and woods) or Sarah Jessica Parker's Lovely. For a budget price, try Carolina by Carolina Herrera (strawberry leaf, cardamom, orange, rose, pepper, clean musk and light wood).

    Bulgari's Eau de The Verte might be a unusual choice - the Basenotes directory compares it to CKOne, but I think it's much more sophisticated. Enjoy your sniffing !

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    Default Re: Wedding fragance help!

    I've heard of planning early but...

    Oh, congratulations!

    How about a wonderful citrussy/floral cologne like Acqua di Parma?

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    Default Re: Wedding fragance help!

    Haha, yeah I know it's early to worry about a fragrance, but I have such a strong association with smells that I want to make sure I pick a fantastic one! Thanks

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    Default Re: Wedding fragance help!

    An outdoor wedding in July. Eau de Camille by Annick Goutal is nice. It's one of my favorites - ivy & honeysuckle. But there will be so many new fragrances coming out in 2007, you might want to wait and see. I'm sure you'll get some great suggestions here.

    Congratulations! I don't think it's too early to start dreaming about what you'd like on your special day.

    Edited to add: outdoor *evening* wedding. I didn't read properly. I would go with something with gardenia, jasmine or tuberose, something really lush. Depends totally on your taste of course.
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    Default Re: Wedding fragance help!

    I see that you are a new member. Without knowing your experiences, I will give you some advice: Start sampling. Buy those little glass perfume vials, fill them at the store, and test these fragrances at home (away from the store.) Here's a link to a thread about who sells or gives samples that you can get online:
    It's never too soon to start having fun finding a fragrance.

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    Default Re: Wedding fragance help!

    Ivoire de Balmain comes to mind, as does Silver Mountain Water. If you don't mind trying a strong floral, though, my first recommendation would be Fidgi by Guy Laroche. VERY underappreciated fragrance!!!

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    Default Re: Wedding fragance help!

    Carnal Flower?
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    Default Re: Wedding fragance help!

    Much Happiness! :bounce:

    As a wedding planner and coordinator I can say that you are right on target for your planning!

    IMNSHAUO (In My Not So Humble and Unsolicited Opinion) Purplebird7 has the best advice for you. Keep sampling. And I would add - keep your fiance's likes and dislikes in mind. You're going to be in close contact for lots of hours at the wedding...and afterward!

    Check out Ayala Moriel here on BN who will do a signature scent for you. Maybe think of vials of this scent as bridesmaid's gifts!

    Don't know where your wedding is and what kind of outdoors. Beach weddings (for example) always have problems with wind. Be aware there may be insects. And do your sampling in late June when you know how the scents in which you are interested will act under the weather circumstances.

    Again...much, much happiness!
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    Default Re: Wedding fragance help!

    An outdoor wedding in july i recommend lorenzo villoresi dilmun very summery and distinctive enough to be able to associate the fragrance with your wedding day if you ever smell it in the future.

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    Default Re: Wedding fragance help!


    Maybe I could suggest you 2 classic perfumes: Pleasures or White Linen by Estée Lauder.

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    Red face Re: Wedding fragance help!

    Quote Originally Posted by Taolady
    Much Happiness! :bounce:

    Check out Ayala Moriel here on BN who will do a signature scent for you. Maybe think of vials of this scent as bridesmaid's gifts!
    Again...much, much happiness!
    I second the idea about perhaps looking into a signature scent...Ayala's site is beautiful to explore, btw...
    also, let me announce that my Caron vial samples have arrived, I have Bellodgia on one wrist, and it sure does make ME want to put on a wedding's airy...lovely....


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    Default Re: Wedding fragance help!

    I too suggest that you try and sample this time before the wedding. But if you still aren´t sure when the time for the wedding comes closer, I secound SJP Lovely, who I really hope will become a classic.
    Faves right now: Chanel No 19, Stella Rose Absolute, L´Heure Bleu, Elixir de Merveilles, Samsara.

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