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    Default High-End Designer Stuff Cheap

    Any advice for web sites that offer great bargains on high-end designer (even couture) clothes, especially for men? I know about Marshall's, TJ Maxx, Filene's, and outlet malls, and I've had some luck there, but I thought the experts on Basenotes may well be better networked than I am!

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    Default Re: High-End Designer Stuff Cheap

    Buy my extra scents - mainly niche - over 50 items (tiny bottles)

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    Default Re: High-End Designer Stuff Cheap

    Right here.

    They sell over-stocks, last year's models, blemishes, seconds, etc. They tell you why they are reduced. I've bought many items from them for the last 5 years. Good and honest people to deal with.

    Here is an example of some of their high-end clothing.

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    Default Re: High-End Designer Stuff Cheap

    ebay is a better way to go

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    Default Re: High-End Designer Stuff Cheap

    Quote Originally Posted by supermarky View Post
    ebay is a better way to go
    I have to agree with supermarky here, on ebay uk there are several ebay shops that sell things that have been worn once or twice by somebody with more money than they know what to do with or sometimes not even worn at all, that go for anything up to 20 times less than the original price.

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    Default Re: High-End Designer Stuff Cheap

    I don't know about some of that stuff on ebay. Alot of it be fake as a mug. Those that don't know any better be thinking they got the real thang.

    There are a few like Loehmanns, Daffy's, Century 21, Rafella (sp), Ventutto just to name a few. Gabriel Bros has designer stuff real cheap. I'm talking True Religion jeans for like $10 and $15. You have to be there when it hits the floor though. Oh yeah, check out Cmart too. They have Gucci, Prada, Missoni, Chloe, etc.
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    Default Re: High-End Designer Stuff Cheap

    Is there still a SYMS in Boston? it was sort of like the original Filene's basement, with higher-end clothes at a discount. Used to be where I'd buy all of my English skivvies that cost a fortune at Saks.
    Haven't been there in years though, but if it is still around it is worth investigating. Last time I was there I bought a Burberry balmacaan (the classic belted trench) for 150 bucks, rather than the 700+ it would have been a couple of blocks over on Newbury St.

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    Default Re: High-End Designer Stuff Cheap

    yea, it would help if there were more places other than ebay to look for stuff. shopping on ebay just gives me a headache unless i know exactly what I want.

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