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    Pray, what do High School seniors know from good anyway!?! :-)
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    The good thing is, you get 2 perfumes for the price of one, first the rather pleasant green herbal whiff, then the completely unrelated BDP clone base.
    Good stuff, but, perhaps for sentimental reason, I still prefer the original BDP.

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    I received a sample of Bois du Portugal from scentronic (thanks, mate!) today. My first impressions: New York is almost a duplicate of BdP although sharper or more bubbly--in the Champagne sense--than BdP. To my nose, BdP seems a more linear scent than NY and that may be my favorite part of the Creed product. I'm coming to terms with NY's heart and base notes; I hope to find out just why Turin gave this a heart.
    De gustibus non est disputandum
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