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    Default What would Philip Marlow wear?

    This is a follow up to the recent "what would Batman wear?" discussion. If anyone is a fan of Raymond Chandler's books, I'd love to know your thoughts on what scent his character, Philip Marlow, would wear. I have my thoughts on what it should smell like (something rich and mysterious - he's a PI, afterall -and maybe with a hint of pipe tobacco, or cigarettes), but not being very familiar with men's frags I'm not sure what that actually might be.

    I'd love to hear ideas.

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    Default Re: What would Philip Marlow wear?

    He has that Creed Tabarome look about him. It may be a bit sophisticated for a detective, but it suits his persona.
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    Default Re: What would Philip Marlow wear?

    I think he would have worn Old Spice. Nothing fancy. But together with the stench of nicotine and booze it would have given him his personal olfactory note of noir cynicism.
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    Default Re: What would Philip Marlow wear?

    In Marlowe's co-authored swan song Poodle Springs set in late-1950's during Philip's short-lived marriage to wealthy heiress Linda Loring -- notwithstanding his insistence on being 'his own man' -- Marlowe probably could have owned the very best accouterments his heart desired, but in my mind I always associate him with being frugal from his "early" days kicking around Hollywood.

    I can remember Chandler's references to women's perfume -- especially sandalwood -- in several of the capers but for some reason -- I draw a blank about any mention of Marlowe's, or men's colognes in general?!

    Anyway, for no reason at all, my associations of frags for Marlowe through the years are:

    Even-money bets...

    • Knize Ten by Knize (1924)
    • Mennen Skin Bracer (1931)
    • Williams Ice Blue Aqua Velva (1935)
    • Canoe by Dana (1936)
    • Old Spice by Shulton (1937)
    • Woodhue for Men by Faberge (1938)
    • English Leather by Dana (1949)

    • Zizanie by Fragonard (1932)

    Odds-on favorite -- albeit from 1957...
    • Vetiver by Carven

    I'm guessing that Philip would have liked that one best of all!

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    Default Re: What would Philip Marlow wear?

    I'm going with Old Spice.

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    Default Re: What would Philip Marlow wear?

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    Default Re: What would Philip Marlow wear?

    * deleted by K *
    Doh! I conflated Marlowe and Sam Spade.
    My bad. Everyone go about your business.
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    Default Re: What would Philip Marlow wear?

    I really like the Vertiver idea. I'll have to go around smelling the others so I have an olfactory idea in mind when I watch "The Big Sleep."

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    Default Re: What would Philip Marlow wear?

    I go for Tabarome too. I guess I am partly swayed by the fact that Humphrey Bogart himself wore it.

    But irrespective of that it feels like Marlowe's kind of smell.



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    Default Re: What would Philip Marlow wear?

    Vintage Tabarome.

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    Default Re: What would Philip Marlow wear?

    I love these threads, but I've always doubted whether Private Investigators and Spies would be wearing anything conspicuous, lest they compromise their secrecy. Certainly nothing with sillage, or there's no way Bond would have made it through all those movies .

    I don't see Marlow wearing anything too expensive. He's no Rick Blaine. Old Spice is probably a solid guess.
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