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    Default Newbie re: samples

    I recently purchased and received three different Creed samples (the small vials) that featured the Creed logo and came with the Creed backercard (although I don't believe the vial was attached).

    The samples were BDG, GIT, and Acier Aluminium. None of them were particularly strong when applied nor did the scent last long. Is this typical of samples or is it possible they were diluted? I ordered them from three different sellers so we're not talking one bad egg here.

    Any thoughts? Should I avoid ordering samples from eBay?

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    Default Re: Newbie re: samples

    I just don't trust Ebay very much. I would get my samples from the store or a legit site that sells them. Samples don't really last though. They are not going to give you longevity or sillage like a spray would. They are for getting the idea of the scent.

    Those are my thoughts.

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    Default Re: Newbie re: samples

    I don't trust much in ebay sellers too...
    Anyway it must be said that maybe the juices don't have that great longevity on you. Were they diluited? who knows... maybe one yep and the other were just poor on your skin, maybe two diluited, maybe three...
    Anyway generally samples are just the same juice you find in bottles, nothing more or less than this, and they should be enough for some applications in order you can make an inpression about the scent on you and eventually decide to buy a full bottle.
    My advice is to buy them from trustful sites or from reliable people here at Basenotes... you can check out the Items for sale.

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    Default Re: Newbie re: samples

    Quote Originally Posted by Magnifiscent
    My advice is to buy them from trustful sites or from reliable people here at Basenotes... you can check out the Items for sale.
    I second this. Everyone here is passionate about this stuff, so nowbody is trying to screw anyone over for a quick buck. I know that a Basenoter would never dilute out a frag or sell a sample of something they know was old or had gone bad. Not so on ebay, where its all just anonymous folks stalking around a marketplace. Here we have our nice little community, and youll be amazed at the friendliness and good will that goes around.

    As a plug, I belive Magnifiscent himself even sells samples, send him a PM

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    Smile Re: Newbie re: samples

    It is possible that they were just typical Creed Fragrences. I have read many posts here on this site bemoaning the short longevity of alot of the Creeds. Mostly I think it has something to do with the individuality of each persons skin. I have also read some say " oh this stuff goes away so fast on me" but another person will say the same scent lasts for days on them. I also concur that you could have gotten burned on e-bay. I bought an obviously bum bottle of GIT and the seller really squirmed but after two months finally took the bottle back. I have had nothing but excellant luck with the kind folks on this website. Most people will go out of thier way to toss in extra samples too. Nice surprises when you get the scents you ordered from them.


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