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    Default M by Marilyn Miglin

    I have been in the market for a fall like scent now that the season is changing. I have always been interested in reading about Miglin's first men's scent simply called "M". From what I understand it has a very loyal following in Chicago and is only sold in her boutique and website. M was to be sold in stores but a lot of store refused it because of the formula as the story goes they wanted it changed. Marilyn would not but worked with formula creating a new men's scent called Pheromone for men -- the counterpart to the women's. You can detect part of M in Pheromone for men.

    Well I ordered a bottle about a week ago and took to wearing it yesterday. The fragrance comes in the exact same bottle as Pheromone for men. The scent reminds me very much of Pheromone but much more stronger and richer in character. Actually it is very close to the Pheromone for women in EDP strength.

    I do not detect any synthetics in this scent. I feel its crafted with quality oils which like I said you can smell in the depth of this scent. To me the scent has a very unique smell which obviously you would stand out in the crowd wearing this. Its very much and full of sillage from what I was told from the company the scent has a lot of the basenotes of wild grasses, seeds, wine resins, bark...which falls into "The Seven Sacred Oils".

    Point yesterday I wore the fragrance - after work I took off my clothes and laid them on my bed - shut the door and hit the shower. After my shower I opened the bedroom door and the scent of M took over the entire room just from my clothes!

    I feel if you are a off beat person that lives your own style then this fragrance would be for you. Just how I feel Aromatic Elixir is for that kind of women so is M for men by Marilyn Miglin. Its a powerful clinging scent that hangs around you all day. To it smells dated but from what period I don't know....

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    Default Re: M by Marilyn Miglin

    I have never experienced "M", but Pheromone for Men was my signature scent for a few years. It was, in fact, the only cologne that I bought more than a few times (next to Monsieur Musk.) I even wore it to bed! I have two 1.7 oz bottles plus the shaving balm and a black faux leather case it came in.
    I still love Pheromone, but I don't wear it much anymore. Perhaps I got burned out on it. I did find out that it had a tendency to turn very acrid, dry...even slightly ammonia-like in hot humid weather. I've gotten lots of compliments on it. The last person that comented on it, accused me of wearing perfume.
    I must admit that it is somewhat perfume-y and it is very close to the original women's version, which is VERY green and "dusty". Both versions remind me of Windsong perfume.....somewhat.

    It's nice, powdery, green, very dry and dusty, with lots of labdanum.
    Basenotes states it came out in 1999. WRONG! It debuted in 1980: two years after the original.

    And I don't believe a single word about the Egyptian basis of it's formula, nor the claim that it has pheromones in it.
    It's a marketing gimmick that ranks right up there with late 19th and early 20th century "cure-all"/"miracle elixir" sales pitches. I can just hear it now...."Step right up, folks! What I have here is an ancient Egyptian formula for attracting the love of your dreams! A magical formula decoded from ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs!!!"

    WOW!!! I gotta wear Pheromone tomorrow!


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    Default Re: M by Marilyn Miglin

    I remeber buying M, Duke, and Taipan from Marilyn. I dont think they are listed in the directory. I don't wear them anymore, and I didnt find anything special in them.

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    Default Re: M by Marilyn Miglin

    Haven't smelled M, but Pheromone is truely one of about 3 scents I absolutely HATE. Comes across as extremely acrid to me- the best comparison I can give is Aqua Net canned hair spray.

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