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    Default scents!?!?

    I just had a revelation....

    Three weeks ago, I realized that my eyes becoming "redder and redder" as each day went past. At the end of the second week, my viens were popping out so much that from a distance, all you could see was a dark pink color were the whites of my eyes should have been. So, I naturally assumed pink eyes and went on with my life. However, after discussing this issue with my school nurse, it was deduced that it wasn't pink eye, but something much more serious. I went to my local opthamologist for a check up. He placed two drops in to my eyes and used a special light (UV?) to look at it.

    Apparently, this was the worst case of eye allergies he has ever seen! Apparently, there were also large accumulations of lymph(??) waste in my eyes. He told me to lay off the contacts and frags for the moment.

    Doctor perscribes an eye drop medication.

    I should also mention that I wore a different scent every day up to the day of the check up.

    Fast foward four days.

    My eyes are perfectly fine now!! I wonder what has caused my allergic reaction....I was fine until I began applying different scents every day. Could my fragrances have been the source of my sorrow (and repeated comments of Darth Maul's son)?

    I have allergy shots every three weeks, so I am extreamly surprised at this diagnosis.

    I sure hope it isn't my scents...because if it is, I'm going to personally shoot myself.

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    Default Re: scents!?!?

    I've heard that people with Asthma can get problems from cologne and one of my sisters had a minor skin problem on her neck after dabbing a little bit of Tommy Girl to it. I once had my face swollen from either Jade Green or a copper paint spray can, and eliminated both immediately! Then the outside of my eyes had been swollen badly, and the eyes were red. Until now, I had not heard about eyes being affected directly.

    Don't be frustrated if perfumes did in fact cause the problem. When you know your enemy you can fight, or evade him at least! If you have a lot of courage you can go back to your scents which are in question and try them one by one and with pauses in between. (far away from your face and ea. for more than a day, provided there are no negative effects). It is quite possible that the allergen (or whatever) is contained in one frag only, and you would have to only drop that one. Also you might find out, that you have no problems as long as your colognes do not have contact with your skin. The permeation of scented material through the skin and into our blood and lymphal system is a known fact. The question is how much of any perfume the system can accumulate without endangering our health.

    I wouldn't recommend re-application of scents without a specialist surveying such experiments.
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    Default Re: scents!?!?

    Yep. Plus, we can become sensitized to chemicals that don't bother us at first. I work with several nasty, nasty things (MEK, toluene, acetone, isocyanates, etc.). Most of the time, they don't bug me too much, especially since I use extensive personal protective equipment. However- one or two exposures too many, and the dose that used to do nothing to me can make me feel tired, dizzy, and nauseated.

    I agree with narcus. Try each perfume one by one. Sooner or later, you'll find the one or two that don't contain the sensitizing ingredient.

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