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    Default old house: Babani

    ...not to be confused with Banani (as in Bruno etc):

    They were somewhat important in the early last century.All discontinued.

    "Secret Princess Nefertiti" for women- year:?

    "Ambre de Delhi" from 1920 for women.

    "Pao-Pe" from 1922, for women.

    "Secret de Babani" from 1920+- (not sure exact date) for women.

    and last but not least:

    "Giardini" from 1920 for women.

    does it remind you of Mars Attack?

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    Default Re: old house: Babani

    Thanks for posting such beautiful pictures. Any of these bottles reminds me of kimonos. Babani was a famous kimono designer. But was also famous for selling Fortuni's delphos to Eleonora Duse. Strangely the bottles do not resemble these two garment's features.
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    Default Re: old house: Babani

    They have been entered in the directory together with other fragrances from the house. Now we wait for approval & publishing
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