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    Default old house: Ybry (still open though)

    Ybry was founded in 1924.

    They had some scents out: don't know the exact dates but most of them were released in between 1924-1929.All for women.

    4 of them still remain in production: mon âme, devinez, femme de paris and désir du coeur.

    "Amour Sauvage":

    "Désir du Coeur"

    "Femme de Paris"

    "Devinez" :this is the old presentation as the new one has a blue bottle, same shape.

    "Mon Âme"

    "Les Fleurs"



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    Default Re: old house: Ybry (still open though)

    This house is still not added it seems.

    Of note, see the similarity of Ybry's original bottle designs and the design of Lagerfeld's Kapsule scents.

    Apparently Coty's design team and Lagerfeld were working on his bottles for a while so they could come up with something new and exciting and that reflects the line. It seems they were also fans of Art Deco and of the house of Ybry, and since not a lot of people knew about the Fragrance house i guess they thought they could get away with it, i mean where to draw the line from Inspiration to just plain copying? Maybe they said something about it and I missed it?
    If we could put some light onto the subject it would be great!


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