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    Default Pets and Fragrance?

    Hi - this isn't really a women's scent question per se, but has anyone ever noticed a pet or other animal react to their scents (either positively or negatively)? The other day my cat was sniffing around the floor and when she came to a paper tester strip (the new Bestey Johnson) I'd left laying around, she jumped about two feet into the air and promptly ran away! I've never seen anything like it. Has anyone had similar experiences? I'd love to know.

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    Default Re: Pets and Fragrance?

    I haven't had that experience but am not too shocked, animals have such acute sense of smells, I can be sure my doggies smell the fragrance far more completely than I do. And they don't mind...last bathtime included a few spritzes of EA Sunflowers! No complaints
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    Smile Re: Pets and Fragrance?

    Every once in a while my dog sneezes but she's used to it by now. I bathe my dog with YSL's M7 shower gel and she absolutely loves it!
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    Default Re: Pets and Fragrance?

    I don't have pets but both cats and dogs seem to like me regardless of the scent i'm wearing, wich i think is a bit odd.
    I do think that i get along better with them than with regular human beings.!

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    Default Re: Pets and Fragrance?

    My dog doesn't like perfume. It makes her sneeze. My husband, too, for that matter. They both have an acute sense of smell!

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    Default Re: Pets and Fragrance?

    I sprizted some Encens et Lavande on my arm and a bit missed and drifted down on my dog. He sneezed and sneezed and sneezed. I actually got a decant of Oh My Dog! but I haven't used it yet. I do notice all my cats sniff at my wrist, but more out of curiosity -- WTF? -- when I wear some green florals. They don't sniff things like KM Loukhoum or Lolita Lemicka. I suppose vanilla isn't that interesting to them!

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    Default Re: Pets and Fragrance?

    I think most dogs and cats (at least ours) dislike perfume. The dogs often sneeze while being exposed to it. The cats just run away (clever as they are).
    When bathing your dog/cat, I think you should use dog/cat shampoo, NOT the ones meant for human use, as they might irritate the animal in several ways (according to a vet). If you have to bathe your pet, as an emergency you can also use very mild baby shampoo. Spraying it with perfume I do not consider a very good idea.

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    Default Re: Pets and Fragrance?

    Well I've been doing this for 30 years now and all my dogs have lived long lives (the oldest was nearly 17 and he used to wear eau sauvage)..I am careful to spray it in a place where they cannot lick it off and they get complements on their canine dogs have long fur and it probably doesn't reach their skin at all.
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    Default Re: Pets and Fragrance?

    My cats sniff my hands in an interested way, but they don't pay much attention beyond that. Sometimes I wear a lot of perfume. They never seem to mind. I read that cats cannot taste sweetness.

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    Default Re: Pets and Fragrance?

    I have three small dogs. One breaks out awful if I put anything scented on her. One goes out and rolls in you know what if I try to scent her up, but one alas doesn't seem to mind if the scent is very mild.

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    Default Re: Pets and Fragrance?

    My normally affectionate cat will do a double-take and run off when I smell too unfamiliar.

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    Default Re: Pets and Fragrance?

    I have two cats, they have different tastes and personalities.

    One likes classical music and animalic scents, also likes my dirty socks. Dislikes florals.

    The other likes rock and will dutifully smell any fragrance put before her. Some she likes more than others, her favorites are orientals and gourmands, but also likes my dirty socks.

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    Default Re: Pets and Fragrance?

    I too have two cats who could not be more different from each other... and while my big baby, Cici that one in my Avatar photo LOVE most of my fragrances... sniffs at my wrists and rubs his fur on me especially when I wear a few select fragrances he likes, Maggie my female cat just does not care. Both cats are fixed so that's not it... but again they are just so differnt. While Cici cleans himself continuously throughout the day and sweeps the corner where he eats Maggie makes mess all over the place and in fact Cici's the one who bathes her most of the time. He is scared of everything in sight and Maggie is the curious and the brave one... but it's Cici who is oftgen found on hinde legs sniffing at my shelf with perfume bottles... GO FIGURE!
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