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    Default all hail palisander

    I'm totally smitten with this juice

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    Default Re: all hail palisander

    Love the smell but it's light on satisfaction. Sequoia's great but it can suffer from the tiresome affability of spices.
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    Default Re: all hail palisander

    right now it seems to me that with palisander I don't need avignon or sequoia but... my half bottle of S that never arrived 2 months ago... leaves my wardrobe like mutilated until I get it and really find out for sure.

    when I first tried palisander conversely I thought oh I don't need this I have avignon and should have just passed over this for sequoia. but there was a partial bottle on the market again, and I have a mania for partial bottles. well I also kind of realized that palisander was a "good one" as I do of sequoia. it's all strangely symmetrical, my cdg "red" saga.

    harissa I find reeeeally disgusting

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    Default Re: all hail palisander

    Love the CdG packaging. Great spray mechanisms, too. :-)
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    Default Re: all hail palisander

    Sorry, Sequioa is superior, but Palisander is a very close 2nd. Can't go wrong with it.

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    Default Re: all hail palisander

    I thought the same when I first sampled Palisander ... unfortunately, it didn't work with my body chemistry. Sadly, that's the only true way of telling if a frag is right for you ... a full day's body wear. This one really turned sour on me to the point I couldn't take it any more.

    I'm really hoping to get Harissa in the near future though. From my sample, it's smells like Christmas to me.

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    Default Re: all hail palisander

    I went through a stretch when I wore Palisander. I bought a full bottle after sampling it once, but my enthusiasm for it deminished last febuary, when I went out of town to do ice-storm recovery tree work in Spartanburg. I brought Palisander with me and wore it on the trip. My hotel room mate asked what I put on and then I asked why. He said, "It's just different. It's not bad, It just reminds me of Bon-Ami scouring powder." I've wore it since then a few times, but then came Opium ph edp and everything changed.

    Maybe I'll wear Palisander tomorrow.

    I've gotten Harissa since then,too. I think Harissa is best for summer. It smells like what the color red would smell like....all hot and bright. I think it's the brightest scent in my collection. It does seem to have somewhat of a bleach smell in it, or maybe it's just me.


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    Default Re: all hail palisander

    oh no, so sorry, the other thread on this subject (see below) is pretty conclusive: palisander is better...

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    Default Re: all hail palisander

    Sequoia is very nice and I'll probably own it eventually. Last time I considered it I did a fairly reflective A/B versus Epicea and went with the latter. Epicea seemed more complex, subtle and refined, which maybe just accorded more with my mood that day. The merits of Sequoia have never been lost on me.

    Palisander, though, is something really special, the class of the Red series in my opinion. Sequoia is second in what is really a two-horse field. The other Reds never did much for me. Harissa had too much of something in it for my liking, maybe tomato although I can't recall for sure right now. I wanted it to smell more like straight harissa.
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    Default Re: all hail palisander

    he, guys, let me frankly admit my absolute comme des garcons addiction here, which i do have quite long... since about 1984!.... but the frags... hm....i remember well when rei brought out her first perfume in the mid-90's... a half year before they launched the perfume i got a couple of announcement mails, very, very beautiful large posters, postcards, etc. i dreamt that the frag would be something like c&s no 88, but then in the last mail they revealed ALL the ingredients... i think comme des garcons were the first to do so, very innovating... but it seems as if they've bought all resins and woody materials of a raw material broker! when i finally smelled it, it reminded me of my own first experiments in perfume-making when i still was a kid... not very convicing! but of course i bought a bottle of it right away... later i got a bottle of palisander for my anniversary, and i must say i liked it so much, that the bottle went empty in a few days! what the heck i asked myself, made it so addictive...? the ambrox overdose, perhaps? i never knew...
    but besides all innovativeness, really great packaging, wonderful ads in magazines, the frags on their own never took me completely... untill guerilla 1&2... yeah!!! that's perfumery!!! when i had to choose between the two, it's definitely no. 2 !!!
    si doux, tout musc...

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    Default Re: all hail palisander

    Hey All,
    First. Hey Dirk. No need to yell.

    Palisander is wonderful. It can turn on some folks skin and a certain tomato note becomes a little yucky, but Its just a great frag to me. Warm, spicy, and unique.

    Sequoia is a close second. Similar, but sharper and less wearable on my skin. I should try it again.

    Harissa is another one that I love. Orange, spice, and tobasco sauce. Weird and somehow wonderful.

    Folks should sample CdG, at least to get the experience. They are nothing else in modern perfumery, and can really open your eyes as to the possibilities in fragrances.


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