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    Default L'Occitane Immortelle line?

    I love L'Occitane products! Simply the highest quality products available. I use their Men's line of grooming products, Eau De Badian, Badian Shower Gel, Cade Shaving Cream, Cade After Shave Balm, Cade After Shave Oil,etc. And I just love their Vegetal Soaps, simply the best IMHO.

    Has anybody tried their new Immortelle line? I'm interested in the face cleanser and moisturizer, thanks!
    Top faves: Aramis Devin,Balenciage PH,Zino Davidoff,Trussardi Uomo,BlackXS,Sybaris,Furyo,HoHangClub,Santos Sport,KriziaSpazio,CarverVetiverDry,GIT,AmberSulta n,TeaForTwo,Dzing.
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    Default Re: L'Occitane Immortelle line?

    I use their Precious Fluid. The texture feels so good, it moisturizes well without making your face feel oily. If you have dry skin, try their Very Precious Cream.
    The Essential Water for Body is great for body fragrance to be used at home. Smells F_R_E_S_H.
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