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    Default Summer or Winter?

    Can somebody please help me decide what perfumes to use in the summer and which to use in the winter?

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    Default Re: Summer or Winter?

    You know, it's gotten to the point where I wear whatever I'm in the mood for at any time of year. Except for the very hottest dog days when I usually only wear a very light cologne type fragrance, or maybe just body powder. I've notcied that many people have their "fall" and "winter" fragrances, and they generally seem to be spicy orientals and the more resinous chypres. "Summer" fragrances might be lighter versions of their winter scents. Caleche eau delicat, for example. Or, if they love florals they might look forward to wearing more florals in spring and summer. But personally, and I don't know how many others are like me, I just wear whatever fragrance phase I'm in the moment. I might be into orientals, and it might happen to be summer but so what. Right now I'm loving "light fresh" fragrances, and it's certainly getting quite cool and autumnal here but I don't care, I spend most of my life in an artificially cooled and heated environment anyway.

    p.s. Sorry I didn't quite answer your question, but I know you will get lots of good advice here from others! just my two cents.

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    Default Re: Summer or Winter?

    I'm with sherrie here. While there is a tendency for people to emphasize spicy oriental, woody, or leather warm fragrances (eg. Angel) in cool weather, and light citrus or floral or green fragrances in warm weather--I believe that any and all can be enjoyed all year round. For one thing, many of us live most of the time in climate controlled/air-conditioned/heated realms most of the time, such that external weather is a detail. The better reason, however, is that under different conditions different aspects of a fragrance may become more noticeable and allow one a deeper appreciation of the lovely facets of a well-made complex fragrance. Limiting the fragrance to only certain situations may result in never catching some of the great nuances it has under other conditions.
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    Default Re: Summer or Winter?

    ok but can someone please give me examples?

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    I hear your plea! I don't know all your scents, but ones I do I'm going to put them in categories. Of course it's my opinion - but I know what you mean about changing for different seasons. I have just put away my winter warmers including D & G (Red lid), White Diamonds and Ombre' Rose.
    Others that I will probably only wear in Summer is Mont Blanc Presence Dune Femme and J Lo Miami Glow.

    Your collection:
    Coco Madamoiselle
    Very Irresistable
    Marc Jacobs
    Paris Roses Enchantee's

    Accenti (could be both I think)

    Hope this helps

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    Default Re: Summer or Winter?

    Princess is really light...Don't you think princess should be for the summer and coco mademoiselle for the winter?

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    I thought the Coco M was fairly spicy - on me anyway. The Princess is very 'foodie' but I think personal choice is best.

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    Default Re: Summer or Winter?

    Gumoosh is in Australia - you are somewhere in the US (could be Hawaii or Alaska or Maine or Texas) so maybe your ideas of summer and winter are different.

    I'm with Sherrie - go with what strikes you when you get up in the ayem!!
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