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    Default Mary Quant Havoc?

    Does anyone know this scent that was launched in the U.K. in 1974?
    I used to wear it as a teenager and seem to remember it as being rather
    nice. Is it still available? It came in a silver canister with the Quant black daisy on the side. I also wore Charlie and Aqua Manda ( not a lot of money to spare.)

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    Default Re: Mary Quant Havoc?

    I've been meaning to ask about this for a long time myself. I do remember it and it was great--silver canister and all. I just couldn't remember who made it. It was very popular with the girls. I don't doubt that it's discontinued. I haven't seen it since the 80's. Do they even have any other scents?
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    Default Re: Mary Quant Havoc?

    I've just been googling to try to find out more about Havoc and it was conceived by the famous nose Guy Robert, who was also behind Caleche,
    Doiressence and Madame Rochas! Apparently Havoc had a musky base and top notes of burning caramel. I've just seen some on e-bay for £20 so I may have to succumb.

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    Default Re: Mary Quant Havoc?

    If you couldn't find it, try Fragrance oil. You can find many companies that they have it. for example SFA (Societe Francaise D' aromatiques). search it in internet you can find it. Good luck

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    Default Re: Mary Quant Havoc?

    I do remember Mary Quant's Havoc. I also remember that not a lot of people got the pun with it: "to wreak havoc" and to "reek of Havoc". It was floral, with a tuberose theme to it. Don't remember a caramel note, burning or otherwise.

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    Default Re: Mary Quant Havoc?

    I've just re-experienced a scent memory of "Havoc by Mary Quant".

    I sampled "Secret Obsession" by Calvin Klein and immediately reverted to my teen years, tentatively trying my mum's Mary Quant perfume in the 1980s.

    "Secret Obsession" has the same mellow-musky funky-fruity deep smell, albeit in a less in-your-face way. The resemblance caused my brain to supply the name 'Mary Quant's "Havoc"!' nearly straight-away.

    (By the way, that 1980s UK "Havoc" had room-clearing qualities - useful when living in close proximity to older teenage brothers! - so neither my mum nor I were overly keen on it. It was well-named.)

    Has anyone else tried both and noticed the similarity?
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    Default Re: Mary Quant Havoc?

    This is an very old thread I began years ago!
    I actually succumbed and did buy a bottle of Havoc on
    e-bay (in the silver canister with the daisy on it.)

    I haven't worn it much, however, as I want to keep it for
    posterity and it isn't a scent I'd wear much these days.

    I did just spray a little onto my wrist a moment ago and it is very strong!
    It smells exactly as I remember it and took me back to the 1970's, when I was
    at college in Nottingham. There are lots of aldehydes going on and it is quite
    difficult to pinpoint any notes except that it smells metallic in a good kind of way and
    somehow "space-age!!" It's green,floral, powdery and effervescent.
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    Default Re: Mary Quant Havoc?

    I'm new to basenotes and late to this discussion but had to comment as Havoc is one of my all time favourite smells! I was bought some when I was a teenager in the 80s and it became "my" smell of the time. I kept a bottle of it with a tiny bit left in once it became discontinued and didn't wear it just got it out to smell ocassionally. Finally it all evaporated but I kept the bottle as a reminder! I spent many years trying to trace a smell similar to it and the nearest I found to it was the body shop perfumed oil japanese musk which makes sense now I know there was a musky note in havoc. Anyway I was one of the crazy people that payed £60 for a bottle of it when it reappeared on e bay a few years ago and now I'm happy to see there seems to be a fairly regular supply of it :-)

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    Default Re: Mary Quant Havoc?

    Welcome to Basenotes Poppy65. It's nice to meet another Havoc aficionado!
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    Default Re: Mary Quant Havoc?

    I remember Havoc. I bought a half full bottle for peanuts in the early 90s from Portobello market in London. At the time I was not interested in this sort of scent and prefered heavy vanilla orientals. It was a rosy aldehidydic fragrance. I thought at first it was a Rive Gauche YSL clone - same metalic note, aldehydes, powder in metalic bottle. Reminds me of Farouche also and a bit of Calandre. Try Rive Gauche as well! It's now my hot weather HG frag. And does not cost much in the States. I'm curious to know Your opinion about the similarity.

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    Default Re: Mary Quant Havoc?

    So funny, I was looking for more Calandre because I've worn it for years after not being able to find Rive Gauche ... because after years of wearing my favorite HAVOC I went to Rive Gauche! LOL, so funny to see someone else followed the same path.

    Are the "cans" of Havoc from the 80's? Are they still good? I see them on eBay, but hesitate purchasing them. Since it's been discontinued ... how are they out there?

    Then again, I ordered Calandre on a site and got all excited that it was available .... didn't really check the size. I paid HUGE money for sample sizes. But, LOL, I didn't return them and wore them sparingly.

    Rive Gauche wasn't my favorite ... but it was my in between love. LOL

    Thanks! I can't wear many scents ... they just don't agree with me. I've missed these!

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    Default Re: Mary Quant Havoc?

    Nfortin in reply to your question about the cans of havoc on e bay, no they are not originals from the 80's. From what I can make out they are manufactured abroad and imported by sellers on ebay, but dont know too much about them apart from that! I would love to know more about them because as you say havoc is as far as I know still discontinued as a scent. Anyway being a big fan of havoc I have bought these "cans" many times from e bay and the scent is spot on to the original. As well as smelling good the scent is strong and lasts a good long time. You also get a good amount for the money as these cans are 75 ml. I pay around £15-£20 for mine depending on who has them cheapest on e bay at the time and they last for ages!

    I also used to wear rive guache but I had never thought it was comparable to havoc before, now I want to go and smell it again and see!!

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    Default Re: Mary Quant Havoc?

    I saw this today, and Havoc Gold, for about US$10. Long, skinny canister?

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    Default Re: Mary Quant Havoc?

    Quote Originally Posted by Pamplelune View Post
    I saw this today, and Havoc Gold, for about US$10. Long, skinny canister?
    I remember Havoc as being my fave perfume for going out in the late 70's early 80's. I then as many others went on to use Rive Gauche!!! Havoc used to be available for sale in Miss Selfridge shops! No longer unfortunately!

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    Default Re: Mary Quant Havoc?

    God I loved this perfume! I wore it when I met my first ever boyfriend. On our first date he asked me what I was wearing and when I told him he said "There might be some havoc later if you are lucky" !!! It didn't last long but it was a laugh while it did. Off now to trawl Ebay!

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    Default Re: Mary Quant Havoc?

    Bought some and wore it today, it is just the same as when I wore it all those years ago!!!

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