ITALY. Euroitalia is set to strengthen its Versace fragrance business next year with two flagship launches, one for women and one for men.

These introductions will build on the robust sales generated this year to date by Versace Bright Crystal (pictured), which has been particularly successful in Asia, thanks to its fresh-floral juice, pink colour scheme and eye-catching advertising visual.

Euroitalia is also committed to supporting its existing menís lines, such as The Dreamer, which are more niche in appeal, but appreciated by a certain clientele, according to the company.

The new Versace feminine fragrance, which will make its debut next April/May, recalls the roots of the fashion house. The flacon is square and heavy, with an aluminium/gold colour scheme. The packaging sports the houseís signature Medusa motif.

The corresponding menís fragrance will be launched in autumn 2007. It will be presented in a rectangular, faceted bottle, and coloured dark blue.

In other news, in February next year Euroitalia will introduce a new womenís fragrance from Moschino, called Funny!. It will feature hearts on the packaging; consequently the company plans to link the launch to St Valentineís Day.

Another, major fragrance project from Moschino is planned for the second half of the year.