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    Talking looking for romantic sent

    I curently love PI by Givenchy. But im looking for more romantic frags to add to my set.

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    Default Re: looking for romantic sent


    Opium EDT

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    Default Re: looking for romantic sent

    Penhaligon's Endymion

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    Default Re: looking for romantic sent

    The Dreamer, Ungaro III, and Zino fit perfectly under this category.
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    Default Re: looking for romantic sent

    JHL by Aramis
    Opium Pour Homme (edp) by Yves St. Laurent
    Zino Davidoff by Davidoff
    Musc Ravageur by Frederic Malle
    Villoresi Uomo by Lorenzo Villoresi
    Parfum d'Homme by Claude Montana
    Versailles by Jean Desprez (Very hard to find, but well worth it.)
    L'instant (edt or extreme) by Guerlain
    Bois de Portugal by Creed
    Escada (Original) by Escada
    Daim Blond by Serge Lutens
    Versace Pour Homme by Gianni Versace
    Black Jeans by Gianni Versace

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    Default Re: looking for romantic sent

    Envy is a good one and pretty safe, you might also enjoy Jaipur homme or Opium Homme. These are among my favorite orientals

    If you really want to lay it on: Colors for Men by Alexander Julian, an extremely flowery oriental.

    Very sexy and luxurious: Musc Ravageur. You should love it for the strong vanilla but the musk takes this way beyond PI IMHO. Probably the best choice.

    Cacharel pour homme is a personal fave, warm nutmeg and woods, for cuddling up by the fireplace.

    Burberry Brit is an allrounder which works romantically, too. fresh on top, powdery, rosy, vanilly in a cheerful way.

    Caron Third Man is very rich, sweet and powerful, quite impressive when applied with care, but for special ladies only

    Costume National Scent Intense for blind dates meant to culminate in kinky sex

    Serge Lutens Arabie or Ambre Sultan or Fumerie Turque if your date is into dates and belly-dancing and all things oriental.
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    Default Re: looking for romantic sent

    Heavy water's like:

    Malabah / Penhaligon's ( not only for girls! )
    Hammam Bouquet / Penhaligon's
    Sienna / Crabtree & Evelyn
    Habit Rouge / Guerlain
    Minotaure / Paloma Picasso


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    Christian Dior - Jules
    Penhaligon's - Lothair
    Pal Zileri - Essenza di Aoud
    Hugh Parsons - Hyde Park
    Floris - Eau de Santal
    Berdoues - Selva do Brazil
    Amouage - Myths Man
    Dunhill - Custom
    Atkinsons - The British Bouquet
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    Cool Re: looking for romantic sent

    Nicole Miller for Men
    Antaeus ( at night )
    Annuci Man
    Habit Rouge (fall/ winter )

    You like PI?

    Try Signature by St.Dupont
    and Bulgari Black

    Wear Armani suits?

    Dunhill '34
    Santal Noble (MPG)

    Might she be " into leather?"

    John Varvatos
    Royal English Leather.

    is Macho a turn on?

    VINTAGE Tabarome

    Too aristocratic to care what people think?:

    Le Roy Soleil
    Muscs Kublai Khan
    Creed Original Vetiver

    Which can be worn both at formal black tie affairs or in jeans.


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    Default Re: looking for romantic sent

    Roma - Laura Biagiotti
    Miracle - Lancome

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    Default Re: looking for romantic sent

    Well I'm 20 and this is my favorite category of scents, so here are my favorites (Pi got me into fragrances, so I feel we may share similar tastes).

    Zino - Read a lot about how it was an old-school scent and may not appeal to everybody. While it may not appeal to everybody, it's an awesome, sweet, mysterious fragrance that my friend said was something a sexy pirate would wear.

    Lolita Lempicka - Healthy dose of licorice and violet. If you like sweet (guessing you do with Pi), and you like licorice, this may be a favorite.

    Rochas Man - Girls love chocolate, and this has a wonderful chocolate note mixed with coffee. The lavendar can be a bit of a turn off, but my most complimented scent from girls.

    Ungaro III - Another somewhat mysterious scent that smells more like refined gentleman. Would be perfect for going to a "cultured" event with your significant other.

    Dreamer - Very similar aura to Ungaro III, but completely different scents.

    Black Jeans - This is my dark scent. The spice reminds me of something conjures up images of dead flowers in a fire (don't ask). Very good for looking mysterious and "bad boy" to this nose.

    Body Kouros and M7 - My "cozy up by a fireplace and watch a movie when it's cold out" fragrances. Both are very warm and smokey, but BK is a sweeter burnt sugar scent, where M7 is an almost leathery powder scent. Both awesome.

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    Default Re: looking for romantic sent

    Well, I'm not sure exactly what makes a scent romantic, but my GF often seems a little extra frisky when I wear one of the following:

    YSL M7 and Kouros
    Gendarme V
    Jacomo de Jacomo
    Chanel Antaeus and Egoiste
    TBS Woody Sandalwood perfume oil
    Dior Fahrenheit
    Aramis 900

    But you can't count on any particular scent appealing to any particular individual. For example, my current GF is pretty indifferent to Azzaro Visit, but it was a favorite of an ex. And of course, you can't count on a fragrance to attract anyone who wouldn't be attracted to you anyway.

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    Default Re: looking for romantic sent

    Some great recommendations of some very nice oriental and other romantic scents, but missing my #1 highest-rated, sexy oriental of all: Le Essence le Must de Cartier.


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