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    Default B*Men Longevity/sillage?

    How does this compare to A*Men? Also, what is it similar to? And is it suitable for a college 19 year old?

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    Default Re: B*Men Longevity/sillage?

    Dosent have to much in common with A*men. I'd rate the longevity a 4 star and the sillage a 3 star. Not similar to anything I have tried, and I'd imagine it is suitable for a 19 year old.

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    Default Re: B*Men Longevity/sillage?

    Well coming from the view of a 19 year old college student and just haveing worn it yesterday, I highly recommend this fragrance. I gained to complements yesterday from two of my girl friends, so it does work wonders on the females and not to mention fully completmenting myself for wearing it because I too fully enjoyed it.

    B*men is a great fragrance which is subtely sweet, yet earthy and slightly fruity. Great fragrance and in my opinon it sometimes smells what Diet A*men would smell like.... O yea and it lasted a great 8+ hours

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    Default Re: B*Men Longevity/sillage?

    Thanks guys. Just what I imagined. Very helpful. I'm considering this, M7(fresh?), Platinum Egoiste, and D&GPH. Hm.. and I told myself I'd stop at L'Eau D'Issey.

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    Default Re: B*Men Longevity/sillage?

    My lady friends said it smelled like:

    a) death
    b) grandma
    c) a deo stick from the 70's

    But I wear it anyway.
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    Default Re: B*Men Longevity/sillage?

    B*Men is the best of Mugler. Woodier, spicier, its a more mature scent than A*Men. Quite a different fragrance than the gourmand A*Men.

    It lasts as long as A*Men, but with not as much sillage.

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    Default Re: B*Men Longevity/sillage?

    Imagine A*Men without the Chocolate notes and you're there. Sillage/longevity is average.
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    Default Re: B*Men Longevity/sillage?

    As with YSL's M7, the "cloy factor" is high, but only early on. (The rhubarb notes are sickeningly sweet when you first apply the stuff, so be forewarned.) Wonderfully warm, woody, spicy drydown once it's been on awhile. Very good longevity, with a decent sillage that starts to wear down after about four hours (on me, at least).

    Good stuff -- WORLDS more wearable than its evil, tar-coated sibling (i.e., A*men). This is definitely a cold winter frag, though -- not something for patio and pool climes.

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    Default Re: B*Men Longevity/sillage?

    I can not stand B*Men.

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    Default Re: B*Men Longevity/sillage?

    Why not?

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    Default Re: B*Men Longevity/sillage?

    I prefer B*men over A*men (Though, I do like the drydown of A*men but since it has a half life of one millenium, I'm too lazy and impatient to wait for it to reach that point) B*men is not as sweet, it's easier to wear, and it's a lot more mature. The rhubarb note is also very unique!! A real swift punch in the a good way. I love how it dries down with a very nice outdoorsy feel to it. I'm reminded of a summer garden and tall grasses for some reason.

    I think it has pretty good sillage and longevity. If A*men is 10/10 for sillage and longevity, B*men is 8/10 - which is still pretty damn good. I like the fact that it is a little subtler because it's not as in-your-face.

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