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Thread: Aftershave?

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    Default Aftershave?

    A friend just wrote me asking to recommend an aftershave. I wear lots of different frags, but, so far at least, I don't wear aftershaves, so am in the dark.

    He says he's worn, in the past, Polo aftershave and, more recently, a pale blue aftershave lotion by Floris (name unknown).

    He's not interested in frags otherwise, so any recommendations of an aftershave you like that doesn't involve buying some line's whole "gift set" would be appreciated. Thanks!

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    Default Re: Aftershave?

    don't buy aftershave from fragrance companies. It will be the cheapest, crappiest aftershve possible, which they add a splash of the frag into and then repackage in a bottle that looks like the EdT; a total waste of money. Tell him to get an aftershave from a company that specializes in shaving or skin-care, rather than selling smells. Gillette, Loreal Mens Expert, Kiehls, Art of Shaving are all fine (and I've listed them here in ascending order of priciness). Aftershave creams are much better than liquid splashes, and it is essential that he get one with some sunblock in it.

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