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    Default Kiss for Him

    Kiss for Him by The Rock Group Kiss
    The Kiss line of Fragrances was developed by Gemini Cosmetics

    top notes of bergamot, white pepper, anise and black cumin
    mid notes of lavender, cypress, dark rum and fir balsam
    base notes of sandalwood, tonka, moss and honeyed amber crystals.

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    Default Re: Kiss for Him

    I'm pretty sure the names are actually Kiss Him and Kiss Her.
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    The Dillards website also lists 'pheromone' as a basenote in Kiss Him lists the following for Kiss Her:

    Top: apple-tini, wet fig leaves, racy bull accord, red peppercorns
    Mid: red poppy, black orchid, sueded frangipani petals, calla lily
    Base: amber crystals, musky bare skin accord, patent leather, mahogany


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    Default Re: Kiss for Him

    Kiss Him, what can I say, I tried it and then I looked up some reviews.
    Yes it was a blind buy, because I saw it on ebay for so CHEAP!
    It is actually a great presentation, the box and the bottle, not exactly cheapy looking.

    I was ROTFL because of one of the reviews that talks about this cologne smelling like should I put it, er................the groinal area.
    I think they were right. I'm actually afraid to try it again and smell that smell again, it is a warm smell like a warm MOIST day.
    I might try it again some time down the road but if it does not work out, it's going on Craigslist!
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