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    Default The Kouros Kronicles Part 2 - Face of the Demon

    Check out Kouros Kronichles Part 1 - The Virgin Sacrifice:

    (Please be kind; the sequel is never is good as the original )

    The Kouros Kronicles Part 2 - Face of the Demon
    Quote Originally Posted by Indie_Guy
    A scent both animalistic and otherworldly. Heaven and Hell collide in this ivory bottle. Kouros...My "White Devil" -from his Kouros review, December 2004
    …. I had to go back in there. The clock on the nightstand read 11:59 pm. What seemed like hours had only been one minute; sixty seconds since this ordeal began. How? Somehow I knew that I would have to face this evil one way or another. Better now, when the only likely casualty would be me. If I ran away from this septic plague, I would still ultimately be consumed, along with the rest of the world. It was I that released the scourge, so it was I that now had to throw myself upon it.

    I loosened my grip on the blood-soaked atomizer and let it drop to the floor. I tightened that same hand into a fist, and with the other hand, gripped the pulsating doorknob.

    I tried once more to convince myself this was just a hallucination:
    “This is all your imagination. This is no big deal. Go in there and turn on the ventilation fan. Let it suck this vile airborne pus up the flue and right out of the house. Crisis over. Hallucination over. After this, don’t read anymore Basenotes horror stories about Kouros. First step, open the door….”

    The clocked clicked over to 12:00 a.m. Good. My perception of time had caught up with the outside world. Everything was going to be okay. I opened the door and moved into the bathroom with one quick motion. I felt the Kouros topnotes pierce my nose for the first time. Swirling, razor-sharp, white-hot waves engulfed my head. I threw my hands over my face as the sulfer-fire spread to my lungs, cutting off my primal screams before they could escape my throat. I brought my hands down from my face and prepared to lunge for the ventilation fan.

    Perhaps 12:00 midnight was not the best time to breach that threshold………………………


    I was no longer in my bathroom, but on the edge of a rocky cliff. Even though my nose, throat and lungs still burned from contact with the Kouros pathogen, I could smell an additional, horrible mix of brimstone and sewage in the air. It was suffocating. The cliff dropped off inches in front of my feet into a deep gorge churning with smoke and soot. I could hear the screams and wails of the dammed and of fragrance wholesalers emanating from the bottomless pit. As frightening as this was, it was nothing compared to the figure that stood on the opposite wall of this crevasse.

    On the other side stood a towering, hideous monster. His form resembled that of the sculpture Kouros was named for; the form of a young handsome athlete. But that form had been disfigured and twisted by the evil of this place. Instead of a human head was the head of a civet, crowned with the horns of a musk ox. His eyes and tounge burned like fire. Hot, steamihg urine shot from his nostrils. He stood in the center of a diadem. The diadem was surrounded jagged, twisted sculptures that may have been urinals in another time or place.

    I was so transfixed by this figure that I didn’t notice the whip. When I did notice it was too late. The demonic figure raised the whip and began to crack it against the sky. The tip was forked with two jagged hooks on each end. He snapped the fork-tongued whip into the putrid air and flung it towards me. Before I could react the two hooks hit me like a fist and punctured my nose, sinking deep into my sinuses. Before I could react to the pain, the force of the impact flung me ackwards. My body crashed into the side of the mountain which suddenly….gave way.


    The force of my body hitting the bathroom door burst it open. Still falling, I realized I would land not on the rocks of that other world, but on the carpet of my bedroom. I seemed to float in that position for several minutes; between my world and that horrible place. Who was that figure? What could be done to contain this? Why did Kouros smell that strong even after having 60 seconds to dissipate??

    I started to lose consciousness but was brought back by the thud of my body crashing onto my bedroom floor. I reached up to feel the stub where my nose used to be and was shocked to feel it still there and unharmed. The waves of schocked relief that washed over my body were soon replaced by waves of good feeling and well being. The room had stopped shaking. The terrible voices had fallen quiet. I put both hands to my face in relief. But wait. What’s that smell? Iris? Bergamont? Jasmine Absolut?

    An incredible aroma had filled my room and I breathed it in. It was the most beautiful, calming, balanced, perfect aroma I had ever experienced. It washed away the scourge, leaving pure happihess in its place. Still on the floor, I pulled my hands from my face to inhale deeply. It was then I shw them. Standing above me were three beautiful, translucent figures. They were draped in white flowing robes and bathed in perfect white light. I was unable to get up, but I quickly recognized the faces as those of Oliver Creed, Maurice Roucel, and Jean-Claude Ellena.

    Oliver Creed spoke: Greetings OlfaOmega. You are out of danger…. for now.

    Me: Oliver Creed?!? How did you get into my house? Are you spirits? You should all be alive!
    Sillage Creed: We who stand before you are not Creed, Roucel, or Ellana. Nor are we their spirits. We are Les Magi de Sillage, the culmination and aggregation of a lifetime of sillage from the bodies of those humans. We are from Le Sillage de la Vie, a plane of existence parallel to yours. We are here to prepare you for a mission to save your world…….and ours…..

    TO BE CONTINUED.............
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    Default Re: The Kouros Kronicles Part 2 - Face of the Demon

    Hey, cool! Thumbs up or thumbs down?
    That girl, that bottle, that mattress and me.

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    Default Re: The Kouros Kronicles Part 2 - Face of the Demon

    Very funny

    I think this is better than Part 1!
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    Default Re: The Kouros Kronicles Part 2 - Face of the Demon

    Quote Originally Posted by DustB
    Hey, cool! Thumbs up or thumbs down?
    I sure hope he loves it as much as I do, for all the effort he put in trying it

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    Default Re: The Kouros Kronicles Part 2 - Face of the Demon

    Magnificent. Sell the script to HBO. ZZTop gets to play the sillage-body of Olivier Creed . But who gets the Kouros-demon part?

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    Default Re: The Kouros Kronicles Part 2 - Face of the Demon

    Wow, did you miss your calling, or have you just found your "niche"!


    And I adore the use of the word 'septic', by the way!

    Find this man another traumatizing fragrance!
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    Default Re: The Kouros Kronicles Part 2 - Face of the Demon

    The Kouros pathogen!! Oh shit thats funny. The Kouros pathogen AKA The K-Virus

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